Tina Hot

Added September 25, 2020

Tina Hot is a 5'5" Euro hottie with a tight body and round butt. She has anal sex and swallows a big load.

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Tina Hot


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OMG! She is soooo hot. Too bad she only fucks private these days...


She's great, but the male talent pissed me off. You don't have to show me you're fucking her in the ass. I know you're fucking her in the ass. Just fuck her stop showing off.


more of her please


tina hot is the best. my favorite model ever!!!!


Wow... I'd so love to marry her


Please Gangbang of Blowbang for Tina


I think in this first video of Tina Hot, she wants to show what she is capable of. She starts bringing her best moves with the most beautiful part of her body that is her perfect ass. She wants to make sure that at the end of the video we crave for more Tina Hot. Moving and contracting the muscles of her ass with sensual moves, Tina knows how to blend her flexibility and also the beauty of her legs. When she starts sucking cock, you can witness her impressive oral skills using remarkably her tongue. She loves to get fucked up in her asshole and you can tell by the natural gestures of her face, nevertheless the male performer can do better. At the end she proves to be a great cum swallower. Now, we crave to see more Tina Hot in the future. [-Ramon]


There are many things I liked a great deal. The tease is one of the best I have seen for some time (those shorts!), and Tina is surely a star performer. I've seen one or two scenes with her before, and her personality was not captured as successfully as it was here. The sight and sound of her bouncing, and slapping, in anal cowgirl was a wonderful sequence, and she was mischievously expressive, vocally and facially, throughout. She deserves many more scenes. I did, however, find the camerawork a little more hectic than in other scenes, and I would have preferred it if her top had been removed. But very pleased with the scene all the same.


What a cutie. Hot by name hot by nature. I could watch her shake and slap that ass all day. After a short tease focused on that fine ass she revealed that she had a butt plug in the whole time. After a shorter blowjob she got her pussy fucked with the plug still in place which she clearly enjoyed. I loved the smile she gave after sucking her ass off the plug that had occupied her ass for the last 20 minutes. After politely asking to get fucked in the ass she spent the next half hour getting her ass fucked and doing ATM, which by her moans and the gorgeous smile on her face throughout she loved every minute off. The scene ended with her swallowing all of a large cumshot, well except the bit that hit here in the eye. Awesome scene. More of Tina please.


Is there anything better than short shorts on these gorgeous euro bubble butts? thank you perfect gonzo...thank you!!


Wow, Tina really is just something else. Fresh faced, smiley, happy, she's a little different from the usual Euro starlets we see. A little bit more girl next door and a little bit less glamour. Can we have more like her please, PG?

She starts off outside and her super skin tight shorts don't last on too long before she's parading her perfect petite bubble butt around. There's some all too brief pussy fucking before the stud moves onto anal. Again, the doggy style hasn't been captured quite right. This is action that should look like the guy is dominating the girl, she needs to be bent down more, curved back with the guy above her. It's a little too passive here. She goes on top and is fucked bend over the worksurface too, before a finish on her mouth.

Would have been nice to see her trying some more interesting toys, always love larger anal beads. Also more pussy fucking before it turned to the anal, and lets see the "moment of insertion" with the cock really slowly, guys. But this is just nit-picking really. This is a very good scene with a great girl and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her :)


I'll keep my subscription going for more of her!


Tina has an ass that gleefully destroys the girl-next-door look. If you scanned her from top to bottom, it would be, "cute, cute, cute, DAYMN!" So, this video is all downhill after the intro, right? Wrong. Tina teases and sucks cock with a great enthusiasm at an almost tortuous tempo. Intense, but methodical. The bad news is it is very short. Something to look forward to in her next video. This oversight is quickly forgotten as we discover that Tina Hot has one of the best sex-faces I've seen in a while. The right parts of joy and ecstasy and pain that really add to the cuteness that is already there. She takes it in the vag, the the ass like a champ. Definitely a keeper, major points awarded throughout this video! - Civlor


Such a hot girl - can't wait to see her get some gangbang double A hard deep throat action.


I second Mr_White there. Arguably the new best girl on PerfectGonzo. Get LOTS more anal scenes from her! ;)


More short shorts ass tease denim shorts or Bust!!!


Had enough of James cock. time to get someone else going. LOVE this chick however! Short Shorts on sexy chicks is worth the price of admission on this one. Love to see these


World class Bubble butt. This site rocks! Film maker knows what hes doing. Cant wait for you guys to see the light on male talent however. James is o.k, but you need a huge dick. that would be amazing with these girls


10 out of 10 for the girl and 10 out of 10 for the scene.
This one is SMOKING HOT.
@ PerfectGonzo: Make sure to film this one girl over and over again.
(Mr_White - eurobabeindex)