Tina Hot

Added October 1, 2023

The bubble butt hottie Tina Hot takes on two guys with big cocks. They double penetrate her and feed her two loads of cum to gargle.

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Tina Hot

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There is a cut between the assfuck and the swallow, why?

It is better when the cock comes directly from the ass in the mouth and then begins to shot his semen in the mouth.


Tina est superbe et tres excitante, superbe double penetrations, dommage qu'ele ne porte pas de hauts talons sexy.


One of the great pitfalls that new girls face is the mentality that, because they are pretty, they do not have to be slutty. Tina Hot, with this video, shows that pretty girls can be nasty, too. She shows off her ass during the teasing phase. It is not only nicely shaped, but bounces hypnotically while spanks it. May I add that her amazing ass is supported by some of the hottest thighs I have see in a while. I just want to nom, nom, nom, nom. The moment she uses her finger to give herself ass to mouth was the moment I realized this is going to be a great video. After some ass play, including a great part with anal beads, she takes on two dudes with a lovely blend of cuteness and come-hitherness. Bonus points were awarded for taking on two cocks in her mouth. Using lots of eye contact and sexy smiles, she really brings in the viewer. Well done there. She takes it in the ass, the throat, and her vag like a pro. The best part of this video is how she seems to be in control the whole time. She never looks up to the actor for any sort of direction or approval. It's as though she has the master plan and the two cocks are there to serve her. Mega hot. She takes a double penetration with a great blend of pleasure, pain, and joy. One of the best videos I have seen in a while. Not much could be added. DAP? DPP? Other than those, amazing video. - Civlor


Tina is another Perfect Gonzo cutie! She looks so good in a pair of tight jeans and her teasing as she works her way out of them is so good. She is fun and playful throughout the video which adds a level of energy to the video, making it more enjoyable for the viewer. She is intense as she takes on two studs, pleasuring them orally and taking them DP style. Camerawork captures close up penetrations just as I'd wish. Her playfulness extends into the finale where she takes both loads of cum in her mouth, smiling and enjoying herself. Such a cute model! More please! mmmgood


I just love that ass. The tease was good with Tina shaking that ass nicely. It was good to see her finger and toy her ass during the tease but it could've been better with some ATM. The closest we got was when one of the toys fell out and she picked it up and put it back in her mouth but the camera cut away so we didn't get to see it. At least we got some ATM during the anal and DP. It would've also been good if she'd played with her pussy a bit during the tease and the anal. I also feel that you should've shown the transition to the DP instead of just cutting into it. Despite this the DP was good and the tempo picked up a bit after which Tina clearly enjoyed. I don't think I've seen anyone look so happy to be getting fucked. Tina looked so fucking cute gargling two loads of cum and licking the leftovers off her finger. All in all I enjoyed it, well worth the watch.


In advance, I could say that no mater what kind of model you prefer, you will definitely enjoy this scene. Starting with the fact that Tina Hot is a slim but a very muscular ass girl. Her shapely ass resembles me a pair of juicy and perfect fruits. She knows how to tease you showing all the skills she has bouncing, wiggling and controlling the muscles of her lushly bum. The threesome that she makes is clean and not exaggerated; I think this is one of the main reasons you will enjoy this scene. She makes a beautiful double penetration but this time, you won't see the typical performance of the girl shouting like crazy that you just want to mute for such annoyance [knowing in advance she is obviously faking her pleasure in a very miserable way. I hate that]. As icing on the cake, she takes two huge loads that she swallows very nicely. [-Ramon]


Tina Hot is one of the most photogenic hardcore models these days. But being photogenic is not her only plus: Tina Hot loves cocks. Just look how she sucks them. Watching this scene makes you feel like you are there. Hardcore talent like that is very rare. That is why I am glad that PerfectGonzo filmed her again (her first scene with PG is also available at AssTraffic). And I hope she will be filmed more often, especially for an AllInternal scene - I have no doubt that Tina Hot would be the perfect girl to star in a 3 guys creampie scene (sort of like the old scene with Eva Black/Mercedes).
There are some minor disappointments with this scene, namely the forementioned rough cuts and the missing of the initial penetrations. Please make sure to show these next time.
Girl: 10/10
Scene: 8,5/10
Mr_White - Eurobabeindex


Tina is back, and looking slightly different from last time we met her on Asstraffic. Her hair is curlier and she has more of a classic porno look about her today. There's a nice long tease leading us up to her getting pink anal beads out and playing with them at 20:00. This is well shot. It's not long before the two guys arrive and she gives them a nice BJ and they get interested in her ass with a bit of butt fingering. It's 33:00 and there's no messing with one of the guys. It's straight up her lubed ass. The cutting between scenes is a bit rough and ready, and the switch from one-on-one to DP is disappointing at 40:00. PG, we need to see the initial penetration scenes! What happened? How did that get left out of a 1:05 long movie? :) Still, I'm being picky here. Tina is, again, HOT, and she takes the DP really well with a few nice gapes thrown in e.g. 54:40. It would be great to see Tina on AllInternal, I'd have liked to see this scene finish with a big double creampie. Maybe next time? A solid 8.5/10.


Fantastic, my favourite girl on the internet at the moment !


This girl is absolutely amazing.

It would be possible to download the trailers?