Anita Bellini

Added September 22, 2022

The tiny Anita gets heavily double penetrated. After screaming in pleasure for more cock she swallows two loads of cum.

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Anita Bellini

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More anal with Anita please, in fact only anal with her please.


good and fun!


Of course the lovely Anita Bellini is wonderful as always. This time she takes really a lot of double penetration. Like others already said her moaning is maybe not the best in this scene (monotonous & loud) her performance is perfect as always with great anal & esspecially DP action. Best part is the fantastic standing DP (39:10). Anita finishs the scene with 2 facials (i just think she has to wait too long for the first facial; could have been cutted out). Anita really looks so cute when she gets 2 facials on her pretty face and then swallowing her loads with a smile. A scene with Ms Bellini is always a instant download!


You probably know how much I love Anita Bellini. If you don't, I would trade both of my kidneys and a heart for a night with her. I have to be fair, though. I cannot let me love for Anita cloud my judgement., I loved this scene. It jumps right to the chase where she1s sucking one guy and getting ass probed by the other. To be honest, it looks like a baseball bat is being rammed into her tight ass. He is not slow, nor is he gentle...and she takes it like a champ. This part goes on for a bit too long, then the actor gives her ass his own flesh bat. She takes it in the ass here, there, everywhere. Points lost for not sucking both cocks at once! Then she gets the ol' DP. What's with this vaginal shit? Sorry, watching so much anal got me brainwashed. She gets pounded in every position with skill and flair. The best part is the standing DP which really shows us all the action. If I had a criticism, the cumshots are classic Perfect Gonzo...boring. She sits perfectly still with her tongue out for an uncomfortable length of time. Still, a great scene with a beautiful woman! Keeper! - Civ


What a cute girl, always a pleasure to see her fucked in a sandwich. Amazing scene.


This was another fun scene with Anita that definitely played to her strengths. She looks great in her jeans and black lace top, the very image of a pretty, young Russian girlfriend. It's been mentioned that her blowjob skills are not really geared up for depth, though she does manage at times, but that just seems to pass me by as there is so much else to like. Stick something in her ass, have her bounce up and down so enticingly, and I'm more than happy. Her anal performance here is great, and we see it all from most angles you could want, and I thought the double penetrations particularly well done with the emphasis remaining on Anita rather than the two guys getting in the way. And of course she looked so cute waiting for the cum with her tongue out.


Anita Bellini is an amazing model, her racy smile can tell you all the naughty thoughts she has and how hot she feels. She shows you her amazing ass that wants to be pleased. Finally, after a little teasing, she gets in a doggy style pose [she looks really beautiful] and the male performers appear to give her what she wants. She has incredible oral skills and likes to concentrate on the head of the cock. She fucks beautifully, the only down side is her moans are really loud. The best part is how she swallows cum, really perfect without losing her cuteness and her precious smile but also showing how kinky Anita is. We definitely want to see her in more sexual scenarios! [-Ramon]


So, Anita is back and she looks great. Check out her tush in those jeans to start with. Hot damn. She peels off and puts herself on all fours on the couch, showing off her butt and pussy. Wow, what a sight. The guys arrive and she starts to suck cock while the other feeds her ass with a blue dildo. She's still super tight. It's 14:05 and she gets his dick straight up her ass. No pussy loving. She takes the anal really well in a number of positions and it's 30:25 when there's some bad editing and it's a cut straight to DP. No penetration scene. This sucks. Anita is stunning throughout this scene, she's pretty, she looks fresh and she looks like she mostly enjoys what's going on. The guys are just lacking in a bit of energy and there's some amateurish editing. Could have been a 10 but going with an 8.5/10.


I guess the guys couldn't wait to get in there and fuck Anita but who can blame them, this girl's stunning. The tease was short before the guys turned up and toyed her ass and got their dicks sucked. Then it was straight into the anal while Anita gagged on some cock. The DP was good with some nice atm thrown in. I think you might need to up one guys dose of Viagra though. It boggles my mind how he could be fucking Anita in her gorgeous butt and not be rock hard, I still had wood an hour after watching this one.


Anita Bellini is a true superstar, and this scene is her summer blockbuster. The sun shines down on her round bottom, highlighting Anita's peach fuzz as she takes a seductive walk around the patio with her jeans pulled down. Anita removes her lime green thong and spreads her cheeks to reveal her unbelievably-pink girly bits. Her cunt and asshole are so pink that she could probably score a licensing deal to get her own personal colour added to the crayola collection. She does great work with a cock in her mouth and looks absolutely beautiful with another throbbing hard-on up her ass. She looks like she's been craving a good DP session and these two guys are really able to get this petite babe going with their hard knobs. The scene ends with a couple of huge loads dropped on to this young goddess' beautiful face. Instant classic.


A veteran of three PG scenes this is the most hardcore work Anita Bellini has done as she takes on two studs. Anita was very very good in this scene. So far, only Tassia Shanti has done a better job with the double penetration. She smiled during the sex and her intensity rose throughout. Especially enjoyable was an early portion where the male talent worked her ass with a big blue dildo while she sucked the second guys cock. Some very good visuals allowed us to see her asshole taking deeper penetration than is usually possible in standard sex. Her ass seemed especially tight during this portion and seemed to become more and more capable as the scene went on. A few times we got something that you very rarely see and should see more of when the guys, without a scene cut, trade places and each get a try with her asshole. Her blowjob skills could use some work as she didn't seem capable of taking very much cock and her hand action seemed to be designed to keep the male talent to fuck her mouth deeper. However near the end she took a very nice deepthroat while performing a double blowjob. In the future it would be nice to see the girls, who often start the sex wearing part of their outfits, remove the outfit for the camera and toss it on the couch. As for the guys, they did a tremendous job working Anita. The only real criticism of Anita was her vocals during the sex. In all honesty her repeatedly making the same sound became slightly distracting and I had to reduce the volume. Overall a very very very good scene, here is hoping for more.  --Tudor


In this update we see lovely Anita Bellini walking around in a garden, where she shows us her great tiny body. Just look at that ass. This is the kind of Gonzo I just adore: Looking at that scenario makes you almost feel as if you are there. Great jobs guys.
Starring along with Anita we see 2 male performers. Which gives Anita plenty opportunity to suck dick while getting fucked. My personal favorite is the standing anal performance. Here we cann see her classy long legs in full beauty. We also have plenty of double penetration here in various positions (again: I especially love the standing dp!!!) before Ms. Bellini swallows 2 big loads of cum. She seems to enjoy herself all over this scene and this is what I really like. Just look at her smile. Girl: 9/10. Scene: 9.5/10 (Mr_White - Eurobabeindex)