Anita Bellini

Added January 8, 2016

Tiny teen Anita Bellini is back after numerous requests to see her holes stuff once again. This time we got her five guys to get DP'd and gangbanged. Split into two parts, this is installment #1. Part #2 coming soon!

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Anita Bellini


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Excellent, more gang bangs please!


Anita Bellini... a perfectly sculpted model of compact, fit beauty, unmarred by tattoos or cartoonish surgery, with an unquenchable hunger for cocks in her ass. She doesn't seem to age, either, although her sphincter now looks ever so slightly... "experienced" after several years doing the dirty deed with dozens of dicks in her derriere.

I would like suggest to the PG crew that, for future 2 part videos, you give us at least one cum shot to hang our hat on in part A. The suspense for part B is killing me, in a good way, but with so many male performers in one scene you could have them draw straws and the odd man gets to blast his load early for part A and go home. That way you'd give your viewers a little relief with the first part while still retaining the thrill of what's left to come, rather than a potential blue balls scenario while we wait (days? weeks?? months???) for the thrilling conclusion.

I do like the idea of unusual scenarios that require 2, or perhaps even 3 parts to tell the story, but in this case it feels like you are just needlessly drawing out a common gang bang. You don't need a fancy story or anything, and Anita certainly warrants extra long screen time, so maybe just literally draw straws on camera and, sorry James (or whoever) you're going to have to blow your load all over her gaping anus NOW in part A and go wait in the car.



Anita Bellini is back after some months of absence and I was really missing that ass that she has, is a complete piece of art. I think it was really a good idea to start warming up with a dildo stuck on a chair. One of the things I like about Perfect Gonzo is that they have good ideas like this one but they also think about esthetics. Both, the chair and de dildo are translucent and Anita looks even better performing. I was kind of confused looking at too many male performers, it was like a "Cum for Cover" scene but it was not a bukkake. I think it was not a bad scene [though I need to see the rest of the scene] but I was not expecting to wait for the "second part". I don't like a scene to be separated in several parts for many reasons but I guess this is a new thing Perfect Gonzo is experimenting with. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]


Anita is cute as hell and she looks just great in her denim daisy dukes. She's pretty athletic and she poses in some adventurous positions and works herself with a large dildo before the guys turn up and set to. She starts with a good pounding doggy style in the pussy... in fact there's a long pussy fucking session (thank you) before an edited cut (...........what!?) to anal at 39:00. Where's the insertion shot? How many times must be go over this?! She's still on top banging anally when a few other dudes arrive. Part 1 ends with her blowing the guys. Roll on part 2. (reviewer.. SJ)


Hungarian spinner Anita returns for her third go at Ass Traffic and fifth scene overall. Her previous visit to PG was in June 2015, so I was happy to see her back. The opening has her in a cute top and jean shorts that hug her bottom wonderfully. Before long she assumes the "take me from behind" position and shows off her perfectly round rear. After some over-the-clothes self groping she slowly strips down and continues to tease us with her petite figure. She eventually makes her way to a chair-mounted dildo and preps it with her mouth before riding it vaginally (8:30 - 15:55); this is followed with some Hitachi fun.

The first two guys make their entrance and are treated to a nice double suck before taking Ms. Bellini at both ends. The positions are few and there is no DP, but our girl enjoys it just the same. Note: Although this is Ass Traffic the first anal does not occur until minute 39. Three more gentlemen join the party between minutes 39 and 43. Faced with five cocks before her Anita proceeds to give them equal time in her mouth.

This update is split into two parts - which is something new at PG - so there is no climax to close the scene, but we are left with a little preview of what's to come -- and it looks very good. I can't wait.

Ivan -