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Zazie came back for some hardcore action this time - and she got it well into the ass this time. Her young counterpart gave her some deep hard anal pounding and at the end that nice load of jizz been swallowed really well!

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girl's a stunner, but her beautiful ass deserves a man, not a boy.


The link to the 4K movie is broken. Please fix it ASAP.


This vid had way too much choking of the girl. In my opinion, sex, including anal sex, should be shown as being enjoyable for both participants. Also, Zazie was showing anxiety, pain and discomfort throughout the vid. I don't know if she was told to show these emotions, or if this was the actual case, but whatever the case, she should have been depicting a more positive outlook for her performance.


Zazie is a very pretty cutie who looks VERY sexy in that red nylons (please use red nylons more often!). It's really cool to see her finally doing her first anal scene after beeing already 1,5 years in porn. I guess doing anal is very hard vor Zazie that's why i think we had to so long for her anal debute and why she is doing anal only together with her boyfreind (B/G pussy sheis doing with all male actors). In doggy position she is obviously fucked to her limitis but she scratches along. After nearly struggling with rather "soft" anal in doggy it is quite impressive how intense it get's in RCG - esspecailly because now Zazie is in control and now it's definitly raterh her who fucks him than the other way around. But she isn't doing just a slow and soft tipping (like you maybe could expect) but taking the cock balls deep when moving her petite ass quite fast up and down the dick. (btw: esspecially in this position she looks fantastic in her red nylons!). Furthermore i want to point out that our sexy anal debutant is doing a 100% anal scene her and is showing real professionalism and a great performances because she isn't trying to do a easy job with just soft anal tipping but fucks to her absolute limits and takes the cock as hard and deep she barely can handle.


Zazie is a shiny sexy blonde, it looks that she is small so she might be also very cute in person. When doing oral sex Zazie can do repetitive deep throats with no problem. Just after that she starts receiving anal sex by the young new male performer. They don't do many positions but during the entire movie but I did like how Zazie was totally in control while riding the dick, something that usually don't see. At the end Zazie swallowed cum like if it was water. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

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god fucking damn