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Curvy Ukrainian teen Yuliana gets assfucked, then swallows two big loads. 30 minutes of straight anal pounding.

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1:00:35, Best part of this insane video. Can't get enough of this!


Shoot a movie with Yuliana, Aruna Aghora & Taissia Shanti (Allinternal) with two guys. This would be awesome. Those three fit perfect together.


So far I have enjoyed the work Yuliana has done. She has a girl-next-door charm about her and a decent body. I love her innocence and naivete. It really comes out when she starts to get fucked. Her facial expressions combine pleasure with inexperience and even a bit of apprehension. Her skills lack any complexity, and she has her eyes closed most of the scene, but I forgive her because it really matches her (portrayed) persona. It's like this is her first video. I liked this video a lot. Bonus points given for the bonus cumshot at the end. It's different and I like it. - Civlor


Yulina is a pretty and cute girl but unlike the girls in some of the more recent videos, she hardly ever smiles. For this reviewer, this makes the video less fun and appealing. I hope she enjoys herself in these videos because she is a real beauty and shows true talent. I hope she's featured in more videos and can share the fun with the viewer.


Yuliana is cute, carrying a couple of extra pounds, and looking better for it. She has beautiful tits and large, expressive eyes. There's a tease, and it's no long before there's a dildo up her butt. The guy turns up and takes his turn and there's ATM from the go. 21:50 and he slips it into her pussy doggy-style and she closes her eyes and moans in pleasure. She has nice tits and he gives them some attention. 29:40 and he decides her pussy has "seen enough" and slips it into her ass. She takes the anal well in a number of positions and he finally pops in her mouth. This is a really good scene with hot talent and the guy gets the best out of the girl. 9/10.


I found Yuliana besides to be sexy, very cute. I love when a model gives real and honest smiles to the camera. Her tits are kind of big and very beautiful, her ass is round and provocative... I mean really provocative. Starting taking about the scene, as I said before I prefer to see how the model use the dildo by herself instead of the male performer using the toy on her. The camera shot in where she is sucking cock standing at minute 19 is amazing, one of my favorite views on a porn scene! please do it more. Also the ending was very good! Yuliana did a great job specially swallowing all the cum. [-Ramon]


This girl's hot. After a short tease and some ATM with a toy the first guy turns up and fucks her ass with an even bigger dildo and shows of her impressive gape. There's a bit of pussy fucking before the anal marathon starts. Her moans are a pleasure to hear as she gets her ass pounded with some nice shots of her looking directly at the camera. Most girls would've called it a day at the 54 minute mark when she took a cum shot to her face /mouth. Not her she was happy to get her ass pounded by cock number two for another 10 minutes. Fucking awesome stuff.


Wow! This teenager is as gorgeous as they come, and boy does she ever take a good slamming in this scene. You can't tell from the innocent look in her eyes, but Yuliana performs like a seasoned veteran. She spreads her sweet rosy cheeks open to take a couple of huge toys straight into her tight pink asshole. Some awesome camera work captures the curvy teen bent over, totally exposed, with a cock deep in her throat as her thick natural breasts hang out of her dress before she receives the pounding of a lifetime. The pounding starts off inside her tight pussy and then moves on to her even-more-tight ass hole as Yuliana moans and gasps in pleasure. Several gapes reveal an amazingly pink, young butt hole. But the fun really begins when Yuliana gets on top of the cock and rides as her titties jiggle, bounce, and get fondled real good. This hottie has an elastic asshole and great stamina - even for a girl as young as she is - and she swallows a huge load without even flinching which is a superb way to end this perfect scene.