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Violetta enjoyed herself alone already, but when our guy came to the set... She was just getting started for anal sex! Gladly received that load of cum in her mouth at the end.

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Violetta greets us in a violet dress, letting us know she’s 31 and from Russia. She teases the viewer while in her outfit before removing it 6 minutes in. She has a beautiful figure, with small natural tits and a very inviting ass. Pulling her thong aside she plays with both holes before warming a cock with her mouth at the 16-minute mark. She sucks while the guy toys her asshole. He then begins to fuck her vaginally while continuing to play with her ass. He then slides inside her Russian butt and it’s purely anal the rest of the scene. The pair seem to really enjoy each other. I looked forward to seeing Violetta swallow the healthy load she receives on the tongue, but she’s hesitant and does not. Still, this is a pretty solid effort with an attractive new model. —


Superb scene! Violetta shows up in a beautiful purple dress and thong underneath, nice hair and make-up and high heels, and also love her golden bracelet. Her nails are also impeccably done -- so sad to see that most western girls have gotten very lazy and sloppy about these details for beauty. This hot russian showcases again a perfect ass, confirming yet again that russian girls have the best asses (Rocco Siffredi said the same and I'm sure he has even more experience than I do;-)) as if we need more proof of that. Very hot and sexy opening act -- my cock was hard a s a rock -- loved the action rubbing her clit and beautiful pussy. Now I must give props to the stud as I think he almost a perfectly shaped cock. Trust me guys, I'm the most heterosexual guy in the world but even I can appreciate a good looking big dick (only weak people are jealous) and just a pleasure to look at next to a beautiful girl (and, on the contrary, watching a fat dude with a small penis fuck a hot girl is simply disgusting). Back to the action -- loved how she attempted to deep throat his massive pole and the look on her face as she got about half way. Next, you could see his cock really stretching out her pussy which I liked as he prodded her butthole with the dildo and then she took his cock well in the back door, and surprised that she didn't squirm more upon initial insertion (I suppose there was some pre-anal treatment done before the scene). In reverse cowgirl with about 7:30 minutes to go, it looked like her pussy was leaking some sweet juice, and that also really really turned me on. The thick load of creamy jizz onto her extended tongue ended the scene, but it's a shame she didn't swallow it with a nice gulp as she looked very hesitant. However, her youthful innocence kinda saved this part as she looks really inexperienced and looked like she hasn't attempted many big creamy swallows. Finally, really happy with the production team at PG (also great lighting and very good high resolution video camera), and overall top, top scene. I would have given it a 5+/5 with a better swallow but for me it still gets a perfect 5/5.


This is the first time we watch Violetta and I think she is a very sexy and charismatic girl. From the fist minutes of the scene you notice that she is a very nice girl that likes to smile and to have fun. She looks like a very tall girl because her legs looks large and attractive, and her butt is also appealing and big considering she is a thin model. Her boobs are small and I also like her beautiful long hair. She starts by doing a solo using a dildo in her ass, then the male performer joins. Violetta has an amazing blowjob skills and in general, a good performance. My favorite part to watch was Violetta playing with the cum inside her mouth, she has to be one of the best doing that! [-Ramon VM]