Lexy Star

Added August 19, 2017

Lexy Star has a very sweet face, yes, but her face is just part of the package! Check her body! WOW! Our guy worked hard on her, and finished her off with a nice load on her face and in mouth.

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Lexy Star


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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Yeah sorry about that guys - we needed to put this offline, as we needed to make some changes on it :)


I can't find this video! Did it dissapeared?


Lexy Star is a pretty russian with a hot body but sadly also with ugly tattoos (btw: i NEVER like tattoos - essecially not on the girls but also not on the male performers because also their tattoos (esspeically on the arms) distract me). Sadly Lexy never seems to be really comforatable in this scene (esspecailly sad the throatfcuking at starting at 27:00 which is definitly to hard for her and brings tears to her eyes) and i really can't understand why the male actor tried again and again to do hard oral/thraot ficking with her when she obviously isn't abke to handle it. When you look at her facial expressions also in the sex action Lexy never seems to be comfortable - well, maybe this is just how she looks when having intenses sex but i really doubt that, she rather seems scraping through, bitting on her lips.Also the quite big amount of cuts seems to indicate that she had some trouble which you had to cut out. At another moment during hard anal she seems to look quite distressed to the director like hoping for help. I have to point out that in general i definitly prefer hard and intense scenes with lots of anal and DP but when a model is just not comfortable in it and is hardly able to handle it at all i feel sorry for her and would definitly prefer to see her in a rather soft scene and beeing comfortable.But i really don't want to blame Lexy for this scene quite the contrary she seems to do her very best which deserves my respect! (At some moments i evan thought that she would have wanted to stop shooting immediately and run away (sad!) but didn't dared to say anything (VERY sad!). At the end Lexy evan looks happy and extremly cute when she swallows the cum with a lovely smile which indicates to me what a great scene would have been possible with her...I really hope you can do another Boy/Girl scene with her beeing totally comfortable and showing that she is a good model.


Lexy Star is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. With her green eyes, her nice hair, attractive nose and sexy lips that no one can resist. Her body is not natural but it looks very good. She has long legs, a perfect butt, good-looking boobs and some tattoos. This hot Russian has a efficient skills for teasing and her moans during her foreplay and during her sex performance are appealing and stimulating. It was a bright decision to give to Lexy a dildo and a wand vibrator. What I liked more about Lexy was her oral abilities , in fact the first thing that attract me from her was her sexy mouth. But I think that a big negative in my opinion was that the movie was very aggressive to the model in particular for the slaps on her face, WTF. But Lexy did an astounding performance. [-Ramon VM]


Lexy got a smokin hot body and a tight asshole! love it