Taissia Shanti

Added April 25, 2014

Taissia Shanti is the prototype of a nympho. She loves it up the ass without lube. Lots of ATM and gapes, finished off with a facial.

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Taissia Shanti


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44:11 I love this part!


Gorgeous and incredible girl, very erotic and sexual and super attractive. As always on this perfect Gonzo site, this is incredible gonzo, we see camera angles of an art veteran and admirable selection of actors and places. Light and color in the scenes is stunning :)


Nice performance from the gorgeous Taissia. The tease wasn't too bad but not great. It could have been improved if she's had some toys to play with or if she'd fingered and tasted her ass before the guy turned up. I was impressed by the rest of the scene though. Taissia looks stunning getting her pussy and ass fucked in numerous positions. I love how she was constantly playing with her pussy as she was being fucked in the ass. There was also some good ATM and some nice gapes


I've read some mixed reviews, so I decided to download and watch this one. Taissia is pretty, and stylized like many of the other girls in other videos on this site. She does not have that one feature that makes her stand out, like rocking tits, but that in itself is not a problem. On the other hand, some girls have ONLY the rocking tits, which does not bode well in the long run. Her emoting, eye contact, and interaction with the camera is average to above average for videos like this. For this to be her "first" video, she does well. However, whoever told her to have fake orgasms either needs to show her how or tell her not to. It's not inherently necessary to make a great video or be a star. It's that mid-level kung-fu that should only be attempted by those with experience. She takes it the ass like a champ, which is appreciated. The cumshot is messier than usual, which is greatly appreciated. My verdict? I think this is a good scene. It's not great or unique in any way. Taissia is pretty, but not hyper-sexualized. However, if you think this is a bad scene, then consider how our expectations are so high due to the ample supply of awesome porn available to us today. A scene that earns a B- from me today might have been considered the greatest porn scene ever 10, 20, or 30 years ago. In the end, this one is a keeper. To each his own, but I liked it. - Civlor


I agree with one or two others that the tease is not among the best that PG have recently given us. Taissia is lovely, but doesn't immediately light up the screen in the way that, for me, Lola Taylor and Sandra Luberc do. I wonder if just a bit more interaction with someone behind the camera would get things flowing better. Because, once her partner shows up Taissia gives us a great performance. I love her earthy, genuine sounding, voice and moans, and there is a wonderful sequence beginning with a bouncy, cheek-spreading anal cowgirl that moves straight into a blowjob where she looks right into the camera with the most amazing eyes. Everything that I thought lacking from her in the tease. All in all it's a fine, very well shot scene, and I'm sure there's better to come from Taissia. As another review suggests, I think a more intense, vigorous scene might bring something special out of her.


Taissia is really cute, a bit girl next door, and not too glam. Very nice. I love the outdoors scenes but in this case the "tease" is a little long. It feels a touch labored, same as the other scenes where PG is trying to hit the 1hr mark. Personally I think 40-45 is long enough for a scene. I hate watching long movies and long porn is too much too. Would be great to see some more toying and more imagination in the lead up and the fucking. When she's sitting on the stool with her pussy and butt showing, these are perfect for her to be toyed or fingered or fucked. Lets not make these scenes formulaic. That said, the fucking, when it gets going, is good with some really nice gape action. Where she's laid back on the sofa with her legs wide open being screwed up the ass is very pretty and she looks like she could take more. She finished by taking a load in her mouth. A nice scene and a solid 8.


The phrase nympho is a very good description of Tassia. Tiny, Tight and very willing. If I could tell any porn slut a basic rule when taking cock in her ass, it would be, 'Never Stop Rubbing'. Tassia has no need to be told, she rubs her little button the entire time. It is clear she was ready from the first moment she came on screen to give herself over to a cock. She never stops making herself available from beginning to end and seems to be giving the camera look that says, 'Watch me, because I live for this.' As a matter of fact the more you watch the more you wonder how she can concentrate on being such a good fuck when she seems to be paying more attention to the camera than the cock. The fact of the matter is that she is a performer. Tassia could take a very aggressive pounding at some point and I hope to see it soon.. Her ass gapes more than a few times and it is a heavenly sight. Download and enjoy this scene, it is more than worth it. -Tudor


This is the best of the new Perfect Gonzo videos in my opinion. The model and the camera work so well together.

Taissia is a cute dirty girl. You can tell by the way she looks at the camera as she spreads her pussy for you at 9:30 into the video. The camera zooms in perfectly to take in the beautifully spread pink. I love the way she smiles back at us, knowing we love the view! At 11:00, she is kneeling on a chair and reaching back to finger her pussy, the fleshy folds opened like a beautiful flower with her fingers stroking the pink flesh inside. Gorgeous. At 14:00, a great closeup shows her using her tongue and mouth effectively on an extremely erect cock. At 23:00, there is a rare scene with the guy's cum leaking onto her pussy and the length of his cock as he cums inside her while she rides his cock. She uses her fingers to move some of the cum into her asshole and continues to ride him hard.

I get a little tired of porn that shows us only one aspect of sex, anal showing only anal, oral showing only oral, etc. This video gives us so many positions with both internal and facial cumshots. Just great.

Anal scenes go on longer and are less effective for me although the camera does a nice job of switching between her face and body during the scenes. The finale is also fine as she takes 8 or 9 squirts of cum onto her face and tongue.

The video quality is more of what we've come to expect from Perfect Gonzo.


Guess I am picky, I put her in the butterface category. When a girl is a little less than outstanding (such as this) I would like to see them cut to the chase a little more quickly too. Watching Kyra Queen slowly warm-up is one thing but this got tedious.


Sooooooooooo hot!!


Nice! More of this girl!


Very nice. A lovely ass and a beautiful pussy - a definite candidate for Give Me Pink.