Added November 7, 2006

Introducting Pearl. This is her first movie and she takes those two big cocks right into her ass. After a strong DP holy shit she gets a monster facial!

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We meet blonde Pearl. She has a black top and white skirt on. She is a nice looking girl, but no raving beauty, but once the first stud shows up we get to see her real beauty. In a doggy position on a large, outdoor lounger welcomes the first cock into her ass. He slowly breaks her backdoor in. By her grimaced look you can tell she is not 100% comfortable with the anal intrusion. Gradually he works his dick deeper and deeper into Pearl’s big ass. A second cock joins the action. He moves to the other end of Pearl. He slips his sausage into her mouth. Pearl works his shaft with her hand and mouth while her ass continues to endure its anal bangment. Pulling her head down, he drives his dick farther into her mouth and throat. After a while the other cowboy gets his turn at her ass. Pearl’s face presses into the flowery cover of the lounger as he hammers away. The other stud sits across the lounger so she has something to suck on. Pearl’s ass takes a ferocious, beating. You can tell she is experiencing the rare combination of pain and pleasure. Pearl mounts one of the nasty pricks reverse cowgirl with her ass. The other cock fills her mouth as its own stands to her right. The stud from below does his best power slam with his cock up into her ass, again and again. I enjoy seeing her hair snagged by the bastard choking her mouth with his dick. She turns 180° and rides a cock with her pussy. The second cock moves in from behind, and crawls into dark cave. The two dicks grind in and out of her holes only inches apart. He evacuates her asshole, and moves his smudged cock to her mouth. Then back to her shithole he goes. Once more Pearl rides a stud reverse cowgirl with her asshole. The second stud slides his pole into her empty pussy. After fucking her pussy a short time he shoves his dick into her mouth as he draws her close with a hanful of hair. I love how the boys treat her, like a whore. Kneeling on the floor, Pearl strokes and sucks our two heroes. Her cheeks chipmunk as the two large dicks jam in and out of her mouth. Holding her head with one hand and stroking his cock with his other our first scoundrel from her left lets rip. Several watery shots hit her lips, chin, cheeks, and nose. The second bastard turns her head to the right. His first, monster detonation hits above her lips. The second jet stripes her right cheek. The next hits her lower lip, and the fourth between her eyes. A fifth strikes her right eyelash. Several small ones spray onto her face. He squeezes a thick, quarter-size mound out onto her hair. Pearl’s face looks splendid after its protein treatment. Good anal video with a nice facial ending. Pearl did a great job


How can you not simply love a girl like Pearl? She is anal curious and she seems to love getting it up the ass 8) . In her first ever porn scene at Asstraffic, she takes that big 8" dick all the way up her ass without a problem. You can see by her face that she is in pain but she really enjoys it at the same time. Pearl gets the craziest facial that I have ever seen :shock: . Those two massive loads fully cover her face with hot goo. It's nuts! This one is a definite keeper for the archives. :D