Nomi Melone

Added March 18, 2024

Brunette bombshell Nomi Melone takes it up her round ass and swallows a huge load of jizz

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Nomi Melone


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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Thanks for the good feedback (everybody) :) I'm glad you guys liked it ;) :love: :-D


i have ran into this video so many times on streaming sites im glad im finally able to see the whole thing. to me this scen is asstraffic its what pops in my head when see the logo, man shes fire


Wow that brunette... the only bad thing about her is that she only has made one scene. She has it all; a pretty face, a big natural and perfect butt, the attitude, the moves and the skills. The silence especially in the first twenty minutes makes this scene more perfect that already is. Even during the sexual intercourse the silence makes you to hear how Nomi Melone sucks cock . I think this is the most perfect scene I have ever watched here on Perfect Gonzo. This scene has to be an example of perfection. This scene is absolutely my number one. I wish [if possible] to see Nomi Melone on Give Me Pink. At the end of this scene, Naomi receives a big splash of cum inside of her beautiful mouth. And she swallows the complete spray of cum like the queen she is. Supreme perfection/10 [-Ramon]


Nomi Melone (not to be confused with Nomi Malone, the character played by Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls) is Hungarian, aged 23 now, and has been in the business for three years or so. She clearly likes her piercings and tattoos... her tongue, belly button and clit hood are all pierced and she has two large tattoos (an elaborate design on the right of her stomach and large wings with entwined snakes on her back/shoulders). Neither of these are visible in the preview thumbnails so consider this fair warning if tattoos aren't your thing. They don't bother me so lets get on to the scene.

We start with an extended 15 minute tease mainly focussing on Nomi's fine ass before the thong comes down and the toys come out. She works a clear one into her butt while on hands and knees, giving us some more lovely ass shots - at around 17:25 & 19:45 she takes it out straight from her ass to lick and suck it clean, with the second ATM preceeding a cut.

After the cut, Nomi is standing and inserts a metal buttplug with jeweled head before walking over to recline on a couch. With legs in the air and thong still stretched between them, she plays with her pussy for a couple of minutes before the bloke enters the scene at 24:00. He fucks her doggy style for about 6 minutes with the highlight being when he lets her do the work and she pushes herself back and forth on his cock.

Cutting to oral, Nomi shows some great skills alternating between working the cock one-handed and going completely hands free. She doesn't take it particularly deep but there's some great eye contact with the camera here.

A brief return to vaginal doggy preceeds the removal of the pretty purple buttplug and from here on the scene is anal only. We go through doggy, cowgirl, doggy again, raised-leg missionary (including some nice ATM switches) but the highlight for me comes at 57:40 with some standing anal immediately before the cumshot.

There's more excellent eye contact prior to a decent cum shot which Nomi dutifully swallows before giving us a wave goodbye.


p.s. This is the first of the new Perfect Gonzo scenes I've watched critically enough to write about. The quality is as great as it used to be and I liked the lack of prominence of the male. However, I did feel that by keeping the man out of the scene we missed out on getting some full body shots of Nomi during the fucking.


I don't think the thumbnails do this girl justice. It's like the more you look at her, the hotter she gets. Yes, like those magic eye posters. Another hot girl with another hot ass in another hot video. Life is tough, right? But there is something else just beneath the surface with Nomi. I've seen that smile and facial expression before. This girl is dirty. We jump from the ass-worship (which is fully rocking, by the way) straight to hardcore. She almost seemed bored with vaginal sex. It's like she's saying, "is that all you got" That was awesome. Then we get to the part which I suspected from the beginning. She sucks cock like a pro. She should teach college courses on cocksucking and start with some of the other girls on this website. Tons of eye contact, smooth rhythm, and lots of tongue make for a happy viewer. When we finally get to the anal (not that I was in a hurry) she starts to express pleasure on her face and in her moans. They go through the usual positions, taking the occasional break to show us there is room for more in her ass. The reverse piledriver oral (there's probably a shorter name for that) was a nice touch and a break from typical positions. I love her sleepy/high/unimpressed eyes when the actor does his best to run her through. She is just begging for a rough gangbang. In the end, she does a fantastic job, making this one a keeper. - Civlor


Nomi Melone has a big round ass that makes her perfect for an Asstraffic movie. In the first part she plays with several toys in her ass. Then the man appears and fucks her pussy while she still has a butt plug in her ass. Later he receives a blowjob and then he removes the butt plug and fucks her ass for the rest of the scene: more than 20 minutes of anal action and gapes. As usual the scene ends with an big cumshot in the mouth.
Overall, a good scene but far from the best in the site.