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Cute Nicky gets a cock straight to her ass. After a hard anal pounding she swallows down a big load. What a trooper!

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Nicky Angel

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Nickly looks like she's dressed for a beach in her lime green bikini and thong but it's no long after walking down the stairs that she's up on the kitchen worksurface fingering her ass. She looks great; fit, tanned, petite. She soon gets down to business impaling herself on World Smallest Dildo up her ass while still on the worksurface. She gives him a BJ and he sticks a butt plug up her ass before they move to the sofa and start some proper assfucking. He's got a big dick and he gives it to her hard. They work through a number of pure anal positions and he pops in her mouth before showing off her new butthole. 9/10


The piledriver is great, we need to see a lot more of it in all scenes! This guy's cock is considerably fatter than Nicky's little asshole, but he has no hesitation ramming it in there, it's most enjoyable to see how hard he fucks her. This cunt is no match for this guy and his big cock, he makes her do some ass to mouth while he enjoys making another dumb bitch eat shit and go home with a sore ass!


Nicky is a cute little skinny slut, who may have gotten a bit more than she bargained for in this case. We get to see a “before” shot of her anus, and it looks small and tight. (Unlike some of these sluts who’s ass already look a bit swollen and inflamed before the action ever starts! Perhaps the preliminary stretching or previous anal action yet unhealed?) Her ass won’t hold the anal plug in and keeps “spitting it out” with her pushing it back in as she sucks cock. From the very beginning her ass gets pounded in the usual positions, her face and tone of voice clearly showing her suffering. She doesn’t get it balls deep as much as I would have liked, but on the other hand she submits her anus to the relentless pounding with no moving away, or putting up a hand to slow/shorten the depth. Her anus gapes and looks a bit worn before the cum shot. I rate this one a 10, because the bonus point for piledriver at the end. Chrostas


I have a soft spot for Nicky I must admit. Nicky has that way about her and the look of a real blond bimbo not burdened by to many brain cells - and that's SO SEXY. I totally dig when a girl like that is in for a session of good ferocious, anal. Nicky is such a sweet girlie and innocent looking cutie pie -so it's just lovely to see her take some good hard painful anal. And yes this does not disappoint at all. Damn this is good ANAL -Nicky gets it right up the ass fast and hard and : She SCREAMS and SCREAMS and SCREAMS with pained look on her face -it's a pure joy and just right on. The watchful eye will see that Nicky is already bleeding from her asshole - adding extra quality joy to her screaming and the look on her face! Nicky is simply HAMMERED in the ass here! - And for the fans of HARD anal -who specifically enjoy the abusive kind where you can see in the girls face, beyond any doubt that the cock hurts -this one comes highly recommended - if you look carefully and study Nicky's face it's all there to see. A winner -AssTraffic at it's BEST! -A job well done! Like I said Nicky is a real little cutie and she gets just the treatment she deserves as her ass takes a good ripping. Another EXCELLENT ASSTRAFFIC SCENE - Full marks for this one - keep it coming just like this. Dmander


Cute lil' blonde teen getting the Ass Traffic treatment? Sign me up. I loved Nicky's look in Tamed Teens so let's see how much she can take in this vid. As she walks down the stairs in the opening to this flick, she's in a neon green bikini with a strange white mink coat type thing. She shows off her nice ass for a bit before pulling down her top to reveal small and cute natural tits. She then gets on doggie on the kitchen table and starts rubbing and finger her tight little asshole. She then gets a green gel ass dildo and starts using it in cowgirl. We get great shots of her ass getting penetrated and foot fixation fans rejoice! Amazing shots of her soles her as she bounces up and down on the dildo. This is too hot for words if you like feet. As she continues to anally fuck herself, a stud comes in and starts getting his dick sucked off. He then lies down on the table and Nicky gets on all fours as he grabs the back of her head and starts throatfucking her. Note that the green dildo is still in Nicky's ass as the oral action happens. They move to the couch and the guy starts pounding away at her ass sideways. Is there anything sexier than seeing a teen's tight ass getting reamed out by a big dick? I can't think of anything. They move to reverse cowgirl and the pounding continues, as Nicky is lifted up occassionally to show off a gaping asshole. She also does some A2M. Cowgirl and doggie follows, and her gape is getting bigger and bigger. She can really take it in the ass! The last position is something I'd love to see more of on AssTraffic, piledriver! Her ass gets reamed out and we see another nice gape before the finish, which as usual, is a solid cum load right into Nicky's waiting mouth. She shows off the generous portion she's been given and swallows it down. Lovely sceneh ere, Nicky is terrific, such a lithe body and young face, yet so adept at anal sex. Gotta love it. Big bonus points for showing off her feet so much! Rating: 8.5/10