Nataly Gold

Added June 16, 2024

Leggy brunette Nataly Gold is back for more anal. She just loves to get that ass of hers pounded with reckless abandon.

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Nataly Gold


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The first glimpse of Nataly for this reviewer. The tasteful blue dress fits her lean frame nicely and the blue ribbon in her hair makes her seem innocent but with possibilities, definitely making me want to see more. She teases us while wearing a virgin white G-string that practically flosses her luscious ass -- kudos to the person responsible for wardrobe selection. The action begins as she inserts a flesh-colored dildo directly into her ass. Nice but I missed some attention to her lovely pussy first -- I want to see more of its fine pink folds next time please. Onward with some great oral action as she takes the guy's cock into her mouth hard until his balls meet her face. It adds a nice contrast to her previous look of innocence. I really like the eye contact with the viewer as she sucks cock deeply. Next a great camera angle as she takes his cock anally while perched on a stool. Very nice and a beautiful ass to fuck but the anal goes on a bit too long for me. Again wish we'd started with some pussy fucking first. I can dream of her sweet pussy until then. As we near the finale, a long wait for a cumshot onto her tongue but it is worth it! I count nine solid squirts of cum coating her tongue nicely, a great view of her face as she smiles wide, proud of what a good girl she has been taking that all that cum for our pleasure. A nice video of a great performer. 8/10 mmmgood


Its great to see Nataly Gold at her very best in this scene. Her outfit suits her perfectly, and the hair clip is a nice touch. She's almost a picture of innocence. The blowjob sequence was nothing that Nataly couldn't easily handle, but its long and deep, and a pleasure to see her at work. The same goes for the anal, which is all very well shot, and features a brilliant anal doggy with Nataly balanced on a stool, and further improved by the spanking her perfectly round cheeks receive, but pretty much all of it is high class. The cumshot finish in her mouth, and her satisfaction at a job well done, is definitely worth seeing. Easily one of the best things that I have seen Nataly in.


This beautiful brunette's round ass looks exquisite in a white G-string. And if you ever need proof of the practicality of high heels, look no further. Nataly gives us a masterful display of cock-sucking prowess and shows us that she doesn't mind receiving a lot of traffic in her tight ass hole. She takes hard, fast anal reamings repeatedly throughout the scene: from behind, on top, on her back with her long legs up in the air - a large variety of positions. The camera does well to capture her tight body and her perfectly-perky breasts. Nataly inspiredly sucks a huge load of jizz into her mouth to end the scene.


Nataly is the ideal girl for anal: barely-there tits that don't distract, a slender butt that's 90% hole and a real appetite for taking it up the rear. She starts by playing cocktease for a bit, then settles onto a couch for some alone time. Her man arrives all too soon, however, cutting the solo short as he helps out with the toy work.

Once she's broken in she spins around and proceeds to give a great sucking, turning it into a mostly deep throat affair. She was slightly congested and the sound of her breathing through her nose was a joy to listen to. Like a good girl she takes most of it lying on her back, the little bow in her hair making it all the more perverse.

Now atop a swivel chair her ass begins to take the start of a 33-minute anal session. Constant ATM, hard ass spanking, beautiful positions and a great swallow round out the action. She even gets the lube fucked out of her a few times. My only criticism is that Nataly is not very vocal. Despite that this is easily one of the best additions to the Ass Traffic catalog.

- Ivan


Nataly is one of my favorites so great to see her back and at her best. The tease is good, not too long but still plenty of time to show off that magnificent ass. There's even a bit of time for some ATM with a toy before the guy turns up. She shows great deepthroat skills taking his cock down her throat with ease. The anal is also excellent starting at about 16 minutes and continuing to the end, with the majority of it being hard and balls deep which really got Nataly screaming. There are a few short breaks in the anal to show Natalys gaping dripping wet asshole and to give her some deep ATM but she's soon getting her ass pounded again. Awesome scene.


Nataly looks great and it's not long (5:51) before she has a sizable dildo out and is smooshing it up her butt hole. Her groans and moans soon attract the guy (08:42) who takes over with the diddling for a bit. This is well done but could be better. Lets see slow in and out guys. His motion looks like he's pumping a bike tyre at one point!

There's a nice BJ and it's not long before 16:36 he's popping his cock straight up her ass. Does this girl have a pussy? What happened to it? Come on. Still, this is a really nice position and she looks great - the view at 19:29 is delicious. They go through some good positions, nice gapes (35:45) and ATM all the way through. Nataly is nasty. Would have been better if the guy had paid some attention to her pussy. Fingering it, spreading it, letting her know that he knows it exists, while he's fucker her ass :)

This is a good scene though. The screwing is good and she takes it well. He finishes with a good size load on her tongue at 51:30 which she looks like she enjoys. 7.5/10


Nataly Gold is the kind of girl that stands out because of her skills. You almost feel what the male performer is experiencing while Nataly is doing the most perfect deep throat you can imagine. Clean and consistent on her moves; taking that dick profound to her throat. You can say, she loves and enjoys to be fucked in her ass. Finally, the way she takes all the cum inside her mouth to swallow it all, is completely entrancing and magnificent; the gaze and gestures of her, while collecting and licking that big load is a simple a masterpiece, perfect to end any good scene. [-Ramon]


Another ass masterpiece from Nataly. Nataly has one of the most unique bodies in the industry, her arse is not particularly big but she can take a cock up that hole harder and deeper than anyone. She has the look of an evil woman sometimes but in a good way, you can sense her passion for sex when she's sucking and fucking a man. The guy in the scene does well with a number of positions especially reverse reverse squat position for Nataly. As for most recent gonzo scenes the sex could have been a bit more aggressive and faster paced but it's still shot well and the hardcore passion is still there. Nataly's pussy in this scene is absolutely gorgeous in 1080p. I would love to see a DP scene with her on this site and more from her in general. Cumshot is done very well too. All in all a great scene and well worth watching. I'd highly recommended watching it in full HD. 8.5/10