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The super sexy Megane is ready to get her ass completely destroyed. They pound her ass hard and double penetrate her as she screams. She swallows two cumshots.

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Wow. That's all I have to say... Wow. I don't know how on earth porn producers and photogs talk girls as beautiful as this to get into porn, to get down and dirty like Megane is doing in this vid. And in some other vids also on the Perfect Gonzo website. But however they do it, I'm glad she got talked into shooting scenes like this.


WOW - What can you say? Megane is simply OVER THE TOP HOT! The best mix of all : Cute and slutty - with a great body, a sexy girly voice and hot vampy eyes! Megane is also styled in a nice pop bimbo way that make her even more fuckable. -Great make up with fake nails and fake tits - super! Big round fake tits is so hot and slutty. Megane starts out by sitting her ass right on the guys faces having them lick her right in her tasty asshole (lucky bastards!!!) Megane sure knows how to suck - rather swallow a cock! Good girl! -So Megane does most the work on the oral part before the ass fucking goes down - I have to say that I prefer when the girl just keeps her mouth open and the studs grabs her head and shove it in balls deep - when the girl is gaged and choked with cock it is the best - and there is a little of this at the end so that Megane's eyes water making her make up run down her face and that is good -The "tearstained face" look is always the best during hard anal. Megane is soon fucked hard in the ass - the studs slam their cocks up her ass with brute drive and speed from the beginning and the the make up tear down her face makes it just nice. They move on to doggy while she sucks the cock that has just been in her ass - The only negative thing I can say so far is that her knees is on the soft white rug and not on the cold, hard stone tile floor near by instead - that would have been more exciting. But actually the doggy part is good 'cos Megane is on knees where she belongs getting cock shoved deep and hard up her butt and sucking a cock straight from her ass. The best part is when the stud grabs her throat and chokes her while power slamming his cock up her ass - it is quite pleasing to watch her face during this. At some point the action goes to DP - something I generally disapprove of since my only interest is straight anal and oral - instead of the DP I'd much rather see Megane on her chest grabbing her feet and lifting her face making easy access for the studs to really gag her throat with cock straight from her asshole. In general I would like see a lot more ferocious, throat fucking since it is the most enjoyable thing to watch besides good hard anal. So for me the energy trails of into "fast forward mode" towards the end and unfortunately never returns to good straight anal like it should be. The first 70% of this flick is damn hot -but the DP spoils a lot of the tension and pleasure of watching this scene -Since this IS AssTraffic I somehow don't see why DP and Vaginal is even featured! Thats just the way I feel - Does any member enjoy the vaginal and DP stuff - I'd really like to know? -Does anybody care to comment on this? Dmander


I really liked Megane's previous scenes and was happy to see her getting the Ass Traffic treatment. As the movie opens this cutie is handcuffed and gagged, and for whatever reason wearing a USA bikini! She teases us with her ass before the panties are pulled aside revealing a keychain in her butt? Wait, it's the key for the handcuffs! Genuis! Now completely freed of her chains and clothes, she walks over to find two studs, whom she decides would be fun to sit on their faces! She squats over each one in turn, grinding her asshole and pussy in their faces. She kneels between both of them and starts sucking each guy's cock. She makes good eye contact throughout. After the cocksucking the anal starts in reverse cowgirl. The guy nails her from below, then pulls her up so his friend can pound her ass in mid-air mish. They move to doggie anal and it's amazing how well this small girl can take a huge cock in her ass. Not to be missed. They pull her hair and choke her as they ravage her cute butthole. They do some mish anal followed by DPs in two positions, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. For the finish, each guy cums in Megane's mouth. It's quite the load she's got, and she swallows it easily. What a slut! If you ever wanted to see a small girl get completey abused by cocks in her ass, this movie is for you. Rating: 8.5/10