Maria Fiori

Added August 17, 2014

Maria Fiori is back, this time for a deep anal-pounding session. She takes it anally then gets two big cumshots.

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Maria Fiori

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Yes I love long, dark hair and nice asses. Maria has both.WOW. A very nice body that's round in all the right places. More good news...she sucks cock like a pro. Good tempo and enthusiasm. She could have switched up the techniques a bit more, but still outstanding nevertheless. She takes it in her ass like a champ. Well done, Maria. There's even a little bonus at the end. After cock #1 unloads in her mouth, cock #2 arrives to pound her a little bit more. Nice. A keeper. - Civlor


I'm becoming a big fan of Maria. She looks absolutely great, and her personality shines through in each scene. She doesn't just moan her way through a scene but really engages with her other performers and through the camera. The blowjob is decent, going through all the usual positions, but the anal is really something special. Plenty of bouncing and lots of good camera angles that really show Maria off. I know some people don't like the use of vibrators in scenes, but its used really well here and doesn't upset the flow at all. Really like the use of a second guy as well. My only objection about the scene is that her dress remains bunched around her waist, which for me just doesn't look right.


This reviewer is so impressed with the talent PerfectGonzo is featuring one year after its reboot. Maria is a fine example of this. She is so gorgeous she could easily be a model. But instead of watching her pitch shampoo, at 6:00 we watch this model insert the tip of a steel butt plug into her tanned ass, pull it back out and suck it some and then jam it home to the tip, a big smile on her face after the accomplishment. Great eye contact at 14:00 as she lies on her back and takes the stud's cock into her mouth. A great angle from the side at 15:00 as she bends over and takes the cock into her asshole. More smiles! At 26:30, she takes the hard cock into her waiting and still smiling mouth. The video closes with two guys shooting their loads into her waiting mouth. Not bad but, as much as I enjoy watching a good cumshot, Maria's beautiful, smiling face is the real star. 8/10 mmmgood


Maria is a tanned cutie with long hair, a pretty face, a wonderful smile and beautifully tanned skin. And whoever did her eyebrows deserves a pay-rise, they are perfect. She has cute little titties but you can't help but feel she'd be happier if they were more full. This scene is all set outdoors.

The guy is the gent with the tats, definitely the "best" of the male talent on PG, and after fucking her mouth she slips it into her butt-hole at 14:40+. No one in porn smiles as much as Miss Miori when they are being fucked up the ass. She takes it really well and the fucking at 38:30 where she's laid on her back with her butt in the air and her legs sticking up, is really nicely done.

They go through a good number of positions and the guy finally pops in her mouth 41:10 (after a bit of a struggle!). You'd think she'd be happy with that but no, the other male talent from PG must be passing by because her face is all cleaned up and she's back on all fours and he gets to do sloppy seconds up her ass for 5 minutes before he pops on her face. Now she really is done. Great scene 9/10.


Maria is simply an amazing anal whore. What stands out about this scene in particular is the enthusiasm Maria shows while receiving a hard, deep butthole plowing. She sticks her thick, peachy buttocks out for the camera and gives herself a naughty spanking before happily gagging on a hard cock as her perky tits hang out of her shirt for a good caressing. What follows is an absolute anal marathon as Maria bends over to take a hard slamming and then eventually sits down to spread her juicy, perfectly-toned legs apart for a rough anal-reaming. She orgasms several times while using the magic wand to stimulate her clit all the while feeling the fast in-and-out pounding of an erect member in her asshole. Maria's beautiful mouth is a natural receptacle for cum, and she gets to swallow two hot loads interjected by another great round of doggystyle anal fucking. A truly great scene that leaves us begging for more of this young tight-assed babe in the future.


We are very lucky again to see Maria Fiori! In this scene I found Maria more comfortable in front of the camera, I don't know why, but she looks with more confidence. She talks to the camera and shows her small tits; two things that in the past scene she didn't wanted to do. But also, she makes something I haven't seen in here; she asks to be fucked two times! After a marvelous cum shot that she swallows she makes to get fucked by a second male performer. I don't know if this was planed, but it was a great idea! I was sure that the second scene of Maria Fiori was going to be far way better! [-Ramon]


It's rush hour in Maria's ass and she's enjoying every second of it. Her green thong is like a traffic light, signaling all cocks to proceed without caution. She begins by prepping her rear with a metal toy, then briefly sucking on her man.

Ms. Fiori's rectum is not kept waiting, as we're quickly treated to some wonderful all-anal outdoor fun. My favorite part is when she struts over to a second sofa, shaking her ass along the way, before settling in for some simultaneous vibrator play and sex. The guy finally shoots a watery load into her waiting mouth, and like a good girl she swallows it happily. A second cock jumps in and pumps her a bit before squirting on her lips and chin.

Maria's dirty talk was excellent for a non-native speaker. I couldn't help but smile when she said, "This is like a birthday present" while getting fucked on all fours. Also, the gap between her front teeth is very attractive, making her smile even sexier. This girl is absolutely stunning. I hope she's invited back very often (if I were a producer for PG I would book her at least once a month). Fantastic scene!

- Ivan


This scene has it all, gorgeous girl, ATM and gapes. Maria puts in a good performance and clearly enjoys the fucking. That smile on her face while she's being fucked in the ass is just magnificent.