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Loone is a hottie with an absolutely massive clit! She gets assfucked hard and swallows a load of sperm.

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Loona Lux

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I really miss Loona, she was one of the few girls what I like with this arabic look, hope that a girl like she comes one more time to PG for such great anal scenes and anal creampie's. She looks a bit like Anisa Kate who's also an hot French girl. Girls like her would be maybe for a couple of scenes nice for PG members ;-)


I have to say that this is one of the hottest scenes I have seen lately and I do a lot of porn. Loona looks like the perfect fuck doll with that dream body and hot outfit. Just looking at her makes you want to fuck the shit out of her tight ass while choking her throat till she's close to faint. And that she would enjoy every second of it makes it so much better. The scene itself features beautiful shots of Loona's perfect formed body and gorgeous face. She sure knows how to suck and deep throat. They waste no time by going straight to anal and all the positions are very well photographed so the best features of her are visible at all times. They save some hot positions for last being standing and doggie anal which leads to the best part of Loona getting fucked anally while sitting sideways on a bar stool. There's some great eye contact there which shows you that Loona’s horniness is beyond limits. She's getting choked occasionally which intensifies the experience for her. With the finishing cumshot they luckily take their time, letting Loona give him a proper suck off for a few minutes which gives us another chance to take a look at her gorgeous face. Most part of the cumshot goes straight in her mouth where it belongs. She licks off the spilled rest and shows us her tight body one last time. Simple setup, brilliantly executed: Perfect Scene.


Loona is a SCOOP !!!!! One look at her sexy pictures: face, body and asshole makes you want to walk up to this girl and choke her throat with one hand and slap her pretty face with the other and ferocious,ly ram a baseball bat sized cock all the way up her unprepared "tight-dry" asshole and simply FUCK the shit out of her while squeezing her throat - damn! -And you don't even feel bad about it -she deserves it! Loona has a sticky brown SUPER sexy tasty asshole that I could stick my tongue in and eat out forever! On the action? -What can you say really?..... Fuck - what a dream girl ! - it's not even "porn sexy" its fucking ROMANTIC this stuff ! She is perfect! (in the non porn sense - I'm glad this is a rare scene and not the average stuff - if it was it would be too personal and there would be no point at all) Wow! Loona! What a girl -straight from heaven! Charm and great fake boobs on top! Fuck, this has made me almost philosophical and all I can say is that I love big "fake" boobs and in a perfect world if there ever could be one, fake boobs should be state sponsored as a given right for every girl! BOOBS b4 BOMBS ! -is what I say! Dmander


Loona is in a plaid bikini, sitting on top of a bar stool accentuating her excellent ass as this movie begins. She plays with her pussy underneath her bottom and bangs her ass. She then fingers her own asshole and pulls out, licking her fingers for some A2M. The director then bangs her ass, chokes her, and bangs her titties. He turns her over and thumbs her butthole, again pulling out and making her lick it. She then sits on a pool chair in spoon and continues fingering her own asshole. She turns over to mish and manages to get 4 fingers in her ass while the director chokes her. We get a closeup of her face as she is choked. She lifts her legs in the air and the director focuses on her rather large clit. She gets in doggie and our stud comes in to get his cock sucked. Great views of Loona's ass here, especially her moist asshole. Interestingly, during the blowjob there's thunder and it starts to rain! Luckily they are under a tent. The first position they do is cowgirl anal. Loona stands over our stud and sits down right on his big cock. He then picks her up, while sitting, and nails her ass while she's positioned somewhat sideways. It's a kind of reverse cowgirl and it's very sexy. She dismounts and performs some A2M. They do some standing doggie, then she gets on all fours and spreads her ass really wide as he swoops in to ream her ass out. As he plows her, we get a great view of her big clit. She's obviously excited getting her ass wrecked. Then she's sideways on the stool as he continues nailing her ass. He chokes her, slaps her and spits on her. She again gives A2M and starts deep throating him with ease. This is followed up with a nice POV blowjob. He then cums in her mouth, makes her show it off, and she swallows. Decent scene, Loona is a pretty interesting looking chick. The slapping and choking kept things interesting. Rating: 7.5/10