Leyla Peachbloom

Added September 28, 2014

Leyla Peachbloom is a slender Hungarian hottie who loves it up the ass. Lots of anal pounding and gapes.

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Leyla Peachbloom


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She is so perfect ! Perfect ass and pussy !


love how leyla takes on anal




Leyla Peachbloom is such a breathtaking beauty! What a perfect body. She is a tall and very petite girl and it is kind of unreal how slim she is (slim - NOT skinny!). And Leyla also has a pair of perfectly shaped really endless legs - it's already such a pleasure to see her walking! Moreover her smile is really cute and I love her moaning.

It's really fascinating how small and tight Leyla's pussy is! Her pussy is really extreme small (she presents her pussy at 4:00) - the smallest i have ever seen on a porngirl. One can only imagine how tight that little lovebox is.

Leyla is a rather shy girl (that is cute and I really appreciate it) but she gets more and more into it with every minute. She warms herself up with fingering her pussy and ass. And you can see she is really into it (she would for sure also do a good scene at Givemepink). She gets even more comfortable when the male actor arrives and starts to lick and finger both her holes. Then she gives a fantastic blow job including a balls deep deep throat while she is lying on her back (from 18:20 - 20:30) - and Leyla really enjoys it, she is smiling and laughing during it.
At 20:30 the sex starts with pussy fucking and it is soooo obvious that Leyla is really loving what she is doing. She is totally into it and enjoys every stroke. Her facial expressions and moaning shows that she is not just giving a perfect performances but is really enthusiastic and absolutely honest when she is saying "fuck my pussy. I love it".
Anyway it seems Leyla is quite happy when the anal action starts at 29:40 - maybe the last 2 minutes of vaginal sex was already too much for her REALLY tight pussy.
The only reason why some pussy action is in this scene is that the male actor was begging so much to fuck Leyla's extreme tight pussy - lol - I can understand him very much!
And again her mimic, gasping and moaning shows us that she really loves the anal action. Especially the RCG anal action is a pleasure to watch. And Leyla has a really impressive big gape - notably for very very small ass.
The scene ends with her swallowing the cum.

All in all a fantastic and intense scene with really perfect chemistry between Leyla and the male actor. I just would love to see Leyla back as often as possible, as soon as possible!


Here we have a girl who really knows how to pleasure herself (and those of us watching), and it is an absolute must-see. The aptly-named Leyla Peachbloom has a fuzz-covered ass and a tiny pussy that she spreads open and plays with, using her fingers as our tour guide. Leyla has one of the most eatable assholes I've seen in a while, and the male talent certainly puts his tongue to good use with her. He then pulls her dress off to reveal her slender frame and perfect tiny tits. She gives an amazing blowjob, with her head and hands moving all over the place to get that cock hard and ready for her asshole. She takes a great pile-driver face-fucking and tugs on the balls with her lips. She arches her back in a most exquisite fashion as she gets fucked hard from behind. If you haven't blown your load by now, then the sight of a throbbing hard-on pounding up and down into Leyla's fart box will surely do the trick. What follows is simply A+ ass-fucking in a variety of great positions including the full nelson. Leyla's gapes are something to salivate over, and she finishes this awesome scene by swallowing a huge load.


Slim but with a very exquisite ass, I really don't know how these girls do it but they look great! And a good example is Leyla Peachbloom with her 'little' ass, according to her; but I'd rather say perfect and eatable ass. The way that she stimulates herself is amazing; I think she also will do an awesome scene on 'Give Me Pink'. During the sexual intercourse she does a very good blowjob! She use her tongue in an spectacular way, I love her oral skills. At the end she swallows a big cumshot. It will be also very interesting to see Leya in a girl, girl action. [-Ramon]


Leyla Peachbloom, what a wonderful name and what a wonderful body. Her pussy is as bald as a middle aged man's head, but for me, she is too "Euro" looking. A bit too skinny, one of those slightly harsh faces you can imagine telling you off if you're late in from the bar or cheating on her with another, more well built and bubbly lady. Still, I'm being picky. She looks good.

She shows off her pussy at 5:00 and fingers it, and she is so tight it is unreal. She's soon on all fours on the sofa and the guy arrives to finger her pussy and stick is tongue in her asshole. She moans and groans but she doesn't speak any English. It's nice to see the fucking start off in the pussy and she looks great taking it doggy style. The anal insertion is at 29:36 and it looks great. She has a big smile on her face as he borrows his cock deep inside her. They run through the positions with a2m and gapes throughout. He finishes with a pop on her tongue and she swallows and look shy. This was a really nice scene. I wasn't too sure about Miss Peach to start with, a bit too skinny for my liking, but she warms up well, looks like she enjoys herself and they both look like there was a connection. 9/10 (..reviewer-SJ)