Jenny Bond

Added November 5, 2007

You just gotta love a sexy student with glasses that loves to get ass fucked. Jenny gets fucked straight to the ass showing some nice gapes. She swallows a load of jizz.

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Jenny Bond


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Guys, I can say, she is fucking awesome, I had the luck to see this scene, and I completely agree with MmmGod... One of the best scenes I have ever seen... And I know this girl, she a natural raw talent fucker, with awesome blowjob technique, and incredibly hot body, and only hearing her voice makes me rock hard... In this scene, her in this outfit is fucking awesome... Oh man:D:D8)8)


This an excellent scene, no doubt about it. Jenny is wearing a pair of glasses and a pony tail that make her look like Lara Croft. The first minutes of the scenes are very including the director's playing. Then she moves indoors and starts to suck a cock. A few minutes later she receives some oral sex: that's new!!! By the way, I think the actor is new in the PerfectGonzo sites and he did a good performance. He fucked her straight to the ass in several positions and wen can admire Jenny's perfect body and gorgeous face. Awesome!!!


One of the hottest Asstraffic scenes ever. First off we got an incredibly hot newcomer (or at least I've seen her before) who's also a great performer. Also she's dressed up really sexy: Tight white blouse with her natural breasts poking through, short black mini skirt, white strap pumps... creating a sexy outfit can be so simple. Her glasses are a welcome change and, if anything, even improve her hotness. The first "wow" moment was, when (still during the teasing part) she jerked off the horny cameraguy with a handjob, letting him cum all over her ass. And what an ass that is! A perfectly shaped, small bubble butt. Luckily, the camera man realized that as well, so we get quite a lot of ass worshiping with good camera angles. (Something I would like to see more often in PerfectGonzo scenes). But that's not everything, the teasing part continues with her taking a hosepipe into her ass and squeezing the water out afterwards. After a small interlude (we see her walking up the stairs and going inside, the camera on her *perfect* butt all the time) the action begins. We see some solid anal sex in several positions, with some a2m "breaks" in-between, but also (and that's quite a welcome rarity here) some extensive pussy licking. In the end, he shoots his load into her sweet mouth and she swallows every single drop of it. Great scene and an instant AT-classic for me. Only wish there would have been at least *some* vaginal sex in the scene. When I saw that wet dripping tight pink pussy of hers I wished he would stick it in for at least a minute, but the director unfortunately decided to make it an anal-ONLY scene. But the girl, the outfit, the teasing part (including a short handjob)... OUTSTANDING.


I'm honored to offer this review of a fine AssTraffic video, starring the lovely Jenny Bond. Jenny is a pretty, fair-skinned blonde with a strong resemblance to Dora Venter. I think it's probably Dora but she looks younger here. She starts the video dressed like a sophisticated European schoolgirl with her hair pulled back and wearing glasses. Her clothing consists of a starched white blouse and a short black skirt. It's the uniform of a fantasy girl in the flesh. But this schoolgirl is a little naughty as she raises her skirt to show striped panties. Standing on an outside stairway, she shows off her fine ass, teasing the cameraman. Who can blame him as he falls for the tease, letting her rub her ass on his hardening cock. The teasing continues as she rubs her hand on the ample breasts pressing against the tight white blouse. Finally, she removes the blouse, freeing her firm, nicely campact breasts. Continuing to rub herself, she grasps the cameraman's hard cock in her hand, pumping it until it shoots all over her ass. Jenny doesn't let the sperm go to waste, rubbing it into her skin and panties. It's a perfect first step in this great fantasy video. After removing her panties, Jenny uses the nozzle of hose to probe her anal depths. It's a little weird but I'll keep watching. It gets a little funny when she's giving someone signs to turn on the water but is obviously a little worried that she'll be power-washed. Thankfully, it works. As she removes the nozzle from her ass, the water squirts out and she spreads the water onto her ass. This scene was fun but didn't really fit in with the other scenes. Now dry and warm and inside, she plays with her ass and pussy before a guy steps into the scene, offering up his cock, which Jenny hungrily sucks while in the classic kneel-down blow-job position. She fingers her asshole as she works on the hard cock with her mouth. Another fantasy scene to be sure! Just before 18:00, Jenny kneels as the stud inserts his cock into her asshole. She looks great looking back at the camera as the fucking begins. Check out the frontal view of her face and breasts as she rocks with the fucking. very nice. Now lying on her back, the assfucking continues, interspersed with some oral action and changing of positions. At 27:00, she looks so good in reverse cowgirl position. At about 34:30, she takes her place kneeling for the money shot. This is where she really shines. Still wearing her glasses, she opens her mouth wide, inviting the stud to fill her mouth. He doesn't disappoint, depositing nine generous shots of cum on her tongue and in her mouth. She savors every drop. This is a great one-on-one sex scene with good chemistry between the stars and excellent performances by both. Jenny (Dora?) is a fantastic performer. 10/10! :D