Added November 21, 2006

The round bubble butt of Jasmin stretched out a sexy set of pink body fishnets. Her asshole gapes as two guys pound her little poop shoot. She gets a massive triple facial.

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Jasmina Berber


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Dark-red haired bitch Jasmin looks like a perfect ass-fucking candidate. Two guys are dispatched to handle the ashen-skinned cunt as he waits on the sofa on her back with her head hanging over the front edge. One straddles her face, and gives her his dick lollipop to slurp on. Her gorgeous eyes look up at the camera with his dick firmly planted in her mouth. Both guys get their chance at her mouth like that. All the time her eyes never leave the camera. The next time around they face fucking as they face her. As she sucks they aide her by lifting her head up towards their crotch. One of the gents takes a seat on the couch. Jasmin mounts his stiff pillar with her ass reverse cowgirl. We get a great view of the big patch of hair above her cunt lips. From her left the other guy stands on the couch, and offers his cock up for sucking. From below the stud rides his dick in and out of her ass. To me Jasmin has the look of a college girl fresh off the farm experiencing the seedy side of city life; which gives the scene a great feel. From time to time the bottom guy holds her ass high so his buddy can plow it. Jasmin dismounts the stud from below. From his right she leans over, and cleans his dick fresh from her shitter. Now it is time for the other guy to bang her from below. They both make sure her ass and mouth have plenty of cock. Jasmin rests on her hands and knees on the floor. She shows the camera her gaping pooper. One of the guys quickly fills it with cock. After a couple minutes he steps aside and allows his friend a shot at her backdoor as well. They switch off a few more times. Jasmin kneels on the floor, smiling at the camera, waiting for jizz. From the right the first man fires his cream onto her nose and cheek. Plenty of it also sails onto her forehead. From straight on the next stud fires many shots up the line of her nose and onto her lips. The two did an excellent job of messy up her fresh face. To me the scene was “B”. I liked Jasmin look. The facial was great. If they had DPed Jasmin that would have made it a “B+” or maybe even an “A”.


Yes, SUPER high quality videos! Another DVD quality vid here, this time involving Jasmin. We meet her in a hot pink fishnet outfit outdoors with nice high white boots, where she poses for us. She has a nice bubble butt, perfect for fucking! Lots of good ass shots here, nice tease camerawork, very reminicsent of Stagliano. We then go inside, where Jasmin is on the couch, again showing us her cute ass, this time without the panties. She fingers her ass a bit, before letting our cameraman shove a couple of fingers in there, and proceed for some nice A2M action, sucking those fingers right out of her butthole. The panties then come off, and our cameraman positions Jasmin on her back, with her head over the couch seat, as she gets ready for some throatfucking! She starts off sucking one guy slowly, while stroking another, very talented girl. Before long though, the guys take over, as they each take turns standing over Jasmin and shoving her mouth right down their cocks. We then switch to a reverse cowgirl anal, again great stuff, no pussy fucking, straight to the ass! She gets fucked up the butt and sucks the other guy. Some more A2M here. Jasmin switches to doggy and spreads her butt wide open with her hands, decent gape. The guys then fuck her doggy style, before giving her an EXCELLENT facial. The 2nd guy blows a huge load over her face, and we get a great shot of this. She then poses for us with the cum on her face, which I find very sexy. A great end to a good scene. Rating: 7.5/10