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This sexy ebony chick gets it straight to her ass from two guys. They fuck her butt like there is no tomorrow, DP her and blast her face full of their thick cumshots.

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Jasmin is hot and sexy -But she plays up to the camera wanting to be nasty and sexy way too much for my taste. Unfortunately during the action Jasmin is very keen and shows a lot of pleasure taking the cocks in her mouth and asshole - so it becomes lame and not very exciting. It's a matter of taste - but if you go for cute young innocent looking girls getting fucked rough and hard in the ass looking like its too big and too hard, then this is not one for you. Dmander


Jasmin is, as far as I know, the first black slut to get assfucked on this site. She gave an energetic, although perhaps over-the-top performance in CumforCover, so I was curious to see if big cocks in the pooper would quiet her down some. We are first introduced to her outside, in a pink two-piece with light pink stripper shoes on. We get a nice tease as she walks up the stairs, she has a hell of an ass, a great bubble butt. She jiggles it around and it looks awesome. She pulls aside her panties to show off a pretty tight asshole. She then finds a thick buttplug and starts sliding that in and out of that ass. She walks and crawls up the stairs with the buttplug still inserted. The director pulls it out and there's no gape, this girl's asshole is tight, I hope she can handle what she has coming to her. Two studs arrive, lift her legs in the air, and take turns throatfucking her from above. Nice closeup shot of her twat and butthole as she is ravaged by those big dicks. She then takes two of them at the same time, sucking vociferously and deeply. It's not long before she's taking it in the ass in standing doggie, while sucking off another guy. They quickly switch to cowgirl anal and the guy really plows her asshole here. He pulls her off so his friend can nail her ass from behind, lube is oozing out of her ass at this point, they are fucking her hard and she loves it. More standing doggie ensues before they're on the stairs and she's getting it in reverse cowgirl anal. The stud lifts her off in the air, ass wide open and accessible for his buddy to come in and nail her ass. We then get a great shot, where she sticks her ass through the railings near the steps, and the guys nail her asshole, with her ass in plain sight. It's a great idea by the director and well-executed. The last anal position is doggie, and they just destroy her ass here. They show no mercy, pounding away as hard as they can on Jasmin's ass. This is followed by two DPs, one in cowgirl and one in reverse cowgirl. For the finish, the guys plaster this black girl's face with hot, white cum, mostly nailing her on the nose and on her upper lip. Again, she's really enthusiastic and enjoys it. Nice closeup of her asshole to end the scene. Pretty good stuff, I bet guys into black girls will love it! Rating: 8/10