Honey Sweet

Added August 28, 2022

Honey Sweet in her first ever porn scene. She gets fucked up her 18 year old ass and almost chokes on a huge load of sperm that she swallows like a trooper.

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Honey Sweet


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You guys get the hottest girls ever.Just when I thought I have seen the best yet there is another girl hotter. Bravo to the crew of perfect gonzo for bringing us the most beautiful in the world to watch awesome anal action


The scene stars with Honey Sweet wearing a pair of tight jeans and the camera point at her beautiful face and big ass. Then she starts to play with her ass and she puts some honey and other food, which I don't particularly like. Later she moves indoors and she is interviewed with a translator, when we can see her beautiful face and smile. After playing with a few dildos, we get to the action: blowjob POV, DP (cock+dildo), doggy, cowgirl... The scene lacks more action, but Honey compensates it because she is so hot. I love her blue eyes and the way she looks to the camera. At the end when the actor cums in her mouth, she almost chokes, which make the end not very appealing.


Honey Sweet does her very first scene, and being an anal trooper at the ripe young age of 18, she takes it in the ass right off the bat. Honey gives us a long silent tease and strip, and it seems that she doesn't know much English. In something new from the Perfect Gonzo crew, we get somewhat of an interview with Honey, and she tells us she's had about 10 different cocks in her ass in her private life. And in another cool treat, she tests out a series of toys and says whether or not they are bigger or smaller than the cocks she's had in her ass. I do really like getting to know the girls before the scenes!
After some toy work in her ass, Honey gives a blow job while also sucking on a lollipop. She then ride cowgirl on the stud while keeping a toy in her ass. And then it is on to the anal, first with a POV shot in doggy, before side saddle, cowgirl, and missionary with a vibrator. Honey then takes a huge load in her mouth and gags a little bit.
This was a very solid scene, and I liked the interview. The production was top notch as always, and whomever is doing the make up makes the girls look amazing. As this was Honey's first scene, I think the guys were a little gentle with her, which I don't mind at all, especially since Honey seemed to be enjoying herself! One thing I did miss, though, was having the girl show off her freshly fucked ass before she waves goodbye.



Sweet! Blonde, hot, dimpled chin, eyes to die for. Honey Sweet really fills out those jeans. You can tell her curves are going to be a problem later if you plan on making it to the end without cumming. The brakes are stomped upon in the next scene where Honey pours, well, honey on her ass. This is a good thing. Then she dumps sprinkles and other dessert toppings on top of the honey. This is not a good thing. Whether it be food, sand, or sundae toppings, I don't like a dirty girl. Wait. I don't like a soiled girl. Dirty girls are awesome. Thankfully, this part is short and we quickly get back to the rump-shaking. I love the blindfolded anal probe test. When she grabs the glass behemoth and says it's too small, I almost fell out of my chair. She does seem to enjoy the probing she gets in her ass. This is a definite career skill that will pay off for both her and us! She makes great eye contact and really shows off her pretty face. As a bonus, Honey can work her tongue on a dick better than most. Unfortunately, the tongue action is short lived, but magical nevertheless. The work she does with the lollypop is good, but she could have done so much more with it. I like the faux double penetration she does with the glass ass plug. I realize that if I had to jam that thing in my own ass, I probably wouldn't dismissively call it a faux DP. She does take it in the ass like a champ. Perhaps she CAN take a bigger ass pounding than the glass Buick she said was too small earlier in the video. Now only if she could take a moneyshot as well as she took her ass traffic. - Civlor


She's so cute. It's great to see this newbie get her ass fucked for first time on camera. I enjoyed the entire movie. It's really great to show the first penetration, while she moans :) it is really exciting.. some times the editors just remove it, which is a turn-off. Just miss one thing to be perfect for me: most of the scene is POV style, so focusing on anus more gapings would be great.


Great to have you back guys, you have been missed :)


One of the most gorgeous girls on this site, but unfortunately, also one of the less exciting scenes. I wish she could have been buttfucked much harder and for way longer.


There are some pros and cons with this scene. Honey Sweet is indeed fantastic to look at and possesses all the physical qualities one would want to see in a younger newer starlet doing anal on film. She also has the most amazing eyes you will ever see. What stood out most of all was that is a disarmingly quiet porn scene. However it worked. Too often the girl is screaming in ecstasy from the first touch of the cock. Not so in this scene. If you take the time to watch from beginning to end, especially once the male talent steps in, it is clear that while Honey takes a while to get going, she spends a great deal of the scene genuinely enjoying herself. Her moans are subtle and believable. There are many different ways to structure a Gonzo scene with brand new female talent. I commend the director here for all allowing Honey and this scene to come into its own and not overwhelming her.

Next time let's see Honey is a bit better outfit from the beginning and spend a bit more time admiring her in the tease section. If she is up for it, team her up with a more veteran girl. We wouldn't want this kind of talent to not shine at her absolute brightest. - Tudor


From Hungary with love. Now this is a very nice and fresh babe, just 18, and quite a performer in front of the camera. Captivating blue eyes, and angelic face with a plump butt that has experienced dick before and has been sodomized by at least 10 previous boyfriends.

Best scene with the babe on all four being penetrated by the stud from behind. In the beginning he goes slow and as he picks up the tempo and goes deeper, her facial expressions turn to lust and her nipples become so erect that you can hang a coat on. Quite impressive camera work and attention to detail. Even her pussy must have had a round of touch up as it was just perfect in close up camera work.

I do not want to give away the ending, but the highlight of the movie is when the stud squirts in her mouth and she gags and chokes momentarily from the cum. You could not have staged this even if you tried.

Very promising babe and a lot of fun to watch her getting aroused as she is being ass fucked. Would like to see a lot more of her as her face combines innocence and the love for dick .