Added January 16, 2005

Candy is an adorable chick who takes a massive cock straight to her ass. This bubble butt teen has no problem with anal then swallows cum without hesitating.

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one of the hottestt girls ever


This one kind of disappointed me a little. "Candy is an adorable chick who takes a massive cock straight to her ass. This bubble butt teen has no problem with anal then swallows cum without hesitating." She is adorable yes and she does take a massive cock to her ass, but she does seem to have a problem with the anal. If you like your action rough (well, if you like any anal action really) then this movie wont be one of the best you can get. She does however suck cock like a pro and also swallows, which boosts this movie up a couple of ratings. 6/10 - Hope they can bring her back and give her another go.


This is one of my favorites and I literally watch this one about once a week. Imagine an innocent and curious teenager that has a sublime face with a perfectly symetrical ass... you get Candy. I would assume that is Candy's first anal scene because her sweet little asshole is so tight that I think sticking your index finger in it would be a struggle. However, with persistence and motivation she somehow gets a fat cock up at the end. In the beginning you teased by her using an eliptical machine which the camera angles provides ample coverage of her delightful peach shaped ass. Some teasers are so great that you sometimes can not hold back and you have to explode before you get halfway through the movie. Well, this is one of those vids where the beginning is so good that the ending is almost like another movie for tomorrow night. Now, the only negative aspects is I would had loved to see some POV shots while she was giving head. She has such a magnetic face that it's almost a crime not to have her look into your eyes as she slurps that cock. If you like your stuff hard and raunchy, this is not for you. This vid is a much more subtle approach to the asstraffic inventory and at times it's necessary for a girl like Candy. In the end she takes plenty in the mouth to go down the hatch. So all in all, this is one to save on the computer. My Rating: Beginning/teaser 10/10 (Fantastic) Sexyness of girl: 9/10 (boobs could be bigger) Camera work: 8.5/10 (needed some pov) Intensity: 6/10 (maybe first anal though) Cumshot: 9/10 (Sizeable load, she swallows) :lol:


It's great how this guy's cock is way too big for Candy's mouth and asshole, it makes it even more fun watching him ram it into her! The look on her face says it all... her anal passage is getting ripped up and he ain't gonna stop! A lot of ass to mouth here too, he gives her a good taste of her ass juice :shock:


Candy is 19 years old. She has a plump little ass that's ready for assfucking. After a little fingering she takes that 9" cock straight to her ass. She gets that little brown eye pumped over and over until a massive load of cum fills up her mouth to the top. Like the good girl that she is, she swallows the entire load :twisted: .