Added October 2, 2007

Easily this is the craziest Asstraffic movie ever filmed! Bonnie does it all. She squirts, gets ass fisted and lets 5 guys ass fuck her. DP, Double Anal, A2M and more! A Must see!

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Bonni Bone

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a Really DREAM GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE her JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With Bonnie Bon, its always anal, and nearly always double penetration. Over 75% of the time its double anal. There is no one "greatest of all time" anal queen, but there's a "Top 10" anal queens of all time, and Bonnie Bon is on that list. If its not anal, she doesn't do it. It would take a good amount of research to see if she EVER did a vid that wasn't at least single anal. Good for her. And good watching for us.


One of Perfect Gonzo's Legendary Videos, lots of hardcore action, sadly I'm the type of guy that wants the girl to be cute to fully enjoy the video, and to me Bonny isn't, don't get me wrong, the video is really hot, but it's not one of my all time favorites. To be honest, what really caught my eye wasn't Bonnie, but the number of dicks whe wasn't gonna take, not 3 or 4, but 5 big dicks. During the whole scene, the guys made sure there was always a cock inside Bonnie's mouth. The Double Penetration was my favorite part, specially when the guys' balls are bouncing like crazy.


This chick is a true bitch, a rare find. Want to see more of her, much more!!


This movie is the craziest and the longest movie on asstraffic. This movie is not for faint hearted. i mean this movie has everything: Anal Sex Ass to Mouth Big Tits ChokingCumshot Swallowing - Multiple Deep Throating Double Anal Double Penetration Fisting Gangbang Gapes Hair Pulling Rough Sex Slapping Squirting Water squirting Bonnie is extremely energetic and gives an excellent performance; therefore, which i give this video 10/10.


Beautiful, mature Bonni Bone is sitting backwards in a chair in a matching bra and panty with a tiny, black mesh skirt and black stockings. I wonder if the bitch had any idea before the scene as to the ordeal that was waiting for her. During a little dance she removes her skirt. Seated she removes her bra to expose her perky, fake tits. Next she removes her panties, and sits down on a barstool. Rubbing her cunt she squirts up a storm. Bonni goes through more preliminary action, but we’ll skip forward to my favorite part when the beef shows up. Suddenly we have five studs lined up waiting for Bonni. One by one they shove their dicks into the bitch’s mouth. There is plenty of hair pulling, head grabbing, and face slapping during the oral warmup. At times I am surprised she can breath with their cocks crammed so far down her throat. They put Bonni in several positions and attack from different angles. Bonni definitely earns her cocksucking merit badge. The face slapping continues. Thank heaven for European bitches, because American porn cunts haven’t stood for that sort of act for a quarter century. They place Bonni on her back. A cock slides into her asshole as another fills her mouth. Often hands clinch her neck during the action. The guys switch off filling her ass and mouth. Bonni has no qualms taking a cock fresh from her shithole into her mouth. They ruthlessly hammer away at her asshole with only one thing in mind, how good it makes them feel. A couple studs even place their feet on Bonni’s throat during their backdoor assault. On the wood floor they continue the butt-fucking in a doggy-style position. During the pounding Bonni is all drived to suck cock. The boys love their new vantage point as they slam their dicks hard into her Hershey Highway. Her head is shoved deep onto cocks. If this bitch was looking for love she came to the wrong place. One of the men lies back on the floor. Bonni mounts him reverse-cowboy with her asshole. The other studs thrust their cocks into her face for her to suck. The choking and hair pulling pick up again. She climbs off the first guy. They finger her pussy until she squirts again. Bonni hops back onboard on a dick with her poopchute. Another guy fills her vacant pussy with his shaft. Over the next several minutes her pussy and asshole get pounded, together, and sometime alone. On the sofa Bonni is DPed with her pussy this time on the guy below. A third guy slides up close to give her something to suck on as well. Bonni is awesome. I bet if you look up the word “Whore” in the dictionary it will say “See Bonni Bone”. The boys trade off filling her mouth and pounding her ass. The guy from below shifts his cock from her pussy to her asshole. He thrusts away at for a minute or so. Now comes the moment of truth. A second stud pushes his dick into her gaping cave also. Her pooper had to smart. All the time she was also being drive fed cock in her mouth. All of the guys got a chance to be in on the double-anal fun. They put her through a few different position changes for the DP and DAP. Like a good competitor Bonni kneeled on the floor in anticipation of her compensation for being such a good slut. One after another each stud deposited his sticky payment in her mouth. Once the last deposit had been posted Bonni swallowed down the gooey batch. I am sure all the guys respect Bonni off screen, but the disrespect for her character onscreen was electric. It harkened back to the good old ideas in American porn when sluts were gangbanged on pool tables, cunts were defiled in fields by motorcycle thugs, whores plundered on a mattress in an empty factory, or sorority kittens ravaged in their beds. The scene was a monster success. A big thank you to the European studs and their lovely lady Bonni.


Bonnie is the nasty "dream girl" no doubt! Bonnie's looks are great! -she has that truly "dirty look" in her face and the perfect type of big FAKE tits that I really like! Bonnie also has great fake finger nails. The peeing is great - I love peeing in all variations : I wish Asstraffic would feature more of this (and ANAL milk squirting ) Bonnie's ass is toe fucked to begin with followed by good hard throat fucking by a lot of guys. Bonnie chokes and takes cock shoved hard balls deep. Well -see this for your self! To cut a long story short Bonnie is worked over by 5 or 6 cocks with a lot of drive in every hole especially ass and mouth at he same time. She is slapped in the face and choked while getting ass fucked and the guys continue to shove their cocks, balls deep down her throat. Truly excellent hardcore action! You can hardly put a finger on this kind of action. -But to be honest there is just one little problem: Bonnie is so "pro" at this game it seems like she has no limits at all -this somehow take a lot of "edge" of the excitement. If the same hardcore action was applied to more scenes at AssTraffic featuring some of the younger (especially teen), less experienced innocent looking girls like Kasey, Black Angelica, Keely, Brittney, Cameron, Stefani, Ruby, Lily -and Ellie and Jenny Noel from Tamed Teens it would surely produce some of the best porn ever made!! Dmander


Definitely the HARDEST I have ever seen here on Asstraffic!! and the look on bonnie's face as she practically begs for more is the best part about this whole movie. Bravo to the entire crew for the great performance in this masterpiece of Asstraffic film! Please make more pieces like this one. I can almost bet the world will know more of bonnie from here on out.


This scene is advertised as the craziest Asstraffic movies ever filmed. I have seen all the Asstraffic movies but I am pretty sure that this is the hardest and roughest one. In fact, this is like an extreme Tamedteens scene with a milf: Tamedmilfs!!!! Take a look a the action description and you will see that this movie includes all kind of practices, all of them very hard. Bonnie is an sex machine, she can do everything you can imagine, but she is not particularly hot. Moreover, someone could say that she is ugly or she looks like a man. Anyways, she has a good body and she fucks like there is no tomorrow. For me there are plenty of better movies out there, but this scene is worth watching since you can see a woman reaching her limits and five crazy men fucking her.


Bonnie makes a solid case for older chicks in this truly twisted :twisted: AssTraffic extravaganza. She is an incredible ass performer, using her alternative hole for just about any sexual purpose she can think of. Kudos to the director for getting the maximum nastiness from this manufactured slut. Perched backward on a contemporary chair, Bonnie looks back over her shoulder at the camera as if to say "Do you like my ass? I do." Of course that's not what she say's but she might as well say it because it's really the point of the intro and the entire movie. This slut has got a killer ass, and if anyone could actually kill with her ass, this girl would be the one. Lifting her tiny black skirt, she exposes her ass covered with only lacy black and silver panties that cover her asshole. As she rubs her ass cheeks, the edges of her asshole come into view. She looks back at us sneering, knowing she is driving us crazy. Now standing, still clothed, she shows us her sexy long legs covered with black mesh stockings. She wiggles her well-toned ass, the camera angle highlighting her ass-ets. As she reclines on a couch, the camera-mans’s hand wraps around her throat, holding her while the other hand slaps her face. Not my thing but Bonnie seems to be okay with it. After removing her panties, Bonnie squirts a big stream from her pussy. This video has something for just about everybody, including: four-finger insertions into her ass then mouth, more squirting, and toe insertions into her ass. And we’re only ten minutes into the movie! While this isn’t my most favorite video, it is a bit of a freak show that I just have to watch. Bonnie almost dares you to fuck her to your maximum enjoyment. Such as when the five guys join her and offer their cocks to her mouth. They don’t just let her suck their cocks, they fuck her face hard, balls slapping her mouth as they do so. As one guy fucks her face, another guy licks her breasts, and helps another guy fuck her pussy with his big toe. Another guy starts choking the other guy. Then the toe-guy sticks his two in the red-faced chokee’s mouth. Now another guy spits into Bonnie’s mouth before jamming his cock deep into her mouth. Freak-show city! And we still have another half hour to go! The middle portion of the movie is a little more straightforward ass-fucking and double penetration, mixed in with a scene in which Bonnie is encouraged to squirt, the guys giving her a water bottle for her to refuel before she squirts across the room hitting the camera! The dp scenes are very hardcore and long. No in-and-out dp for this slut. As I watched I really felt that she wished she had a hole for all five of the guys! The movie ends with Bonnie swallowing multiple cumshots. Too bad the shots were not particularly impressive. I really could picture Bonnie lying down on the floor waiting for about 100 guys to splash their splooge all over her. If PerfectGonzo ever does more of a gang-bang type video, Bonnie is the first model to call! 8/10 with an extra point for the Freak Show :twisted: