Added June 19, 2007

Meet an incredible brunette with hypnotizing eyes. Our boys go straight to her ass without hesitation. After a hot double penetration she swallows two loads.

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I think Bella is a good sample of a girl that is "Too cute for porn". I loved the ending, when Titus and James are combined they always make the Swallow or Facial finale a classic one. It's super sexy watching a beautiful girl like Bella with her open mouth receiving the sperm from two hard dicks. The first load is creamy and sticky, and the second load is watery but higher in volume, at the end we see both men's seed combined.


One of the all time great performers, too bad Bella only did 2 scenes for PG. But what a great 2 scenes they are! Doesn't get better than this:-).


would have been perfect but the cameraman is constantly talking throughout, talk about a mood killer. honestly i felt they screwed up. this girl is gorgeous-not too many of her caliber-and they just fucked it up pretty bad.:evil: she did not constantly look into the camera and she did not moan constantly like every one else does which is fine with me, finally someone who doesn't give you a head ache while watching her. i understand the allure of hardcore gonzo but they fucked up a great chance to make quality porn with an A+ girl.:evil:


Mmmm.....Bella is a scrumptious, gorgeous, lusty treat for the senses. A young, beautiful babe with long dark hair, green eyes, and an angelic face, she has a tight, lean body with perfect curves, and boy does she know how to use it! Wearing a two piece black outfit, her ass looks perfectly sculpted by her tight short shorts. She is such a great tease, perched outside on a bench, feeling up her body the way the rest of us wish we could. Check her out at the 5:00 mark, still clothed but panties pulled aside to show off her yummy pussy, as she proudly dispalys her ass in the air. A great image! :D Now it's time for the fucking. Two guys join our gal, one proceeding to fuck her ass as she sucks the other's cock. At 23:00, she takes the two guys in a double penetration, and it's a beautiful thing. She's that beautiful, that she makes a hardcore three-some look classy. At 29:30, one guy shoots a thick, creamy load right onto her tongue as Bella smiles. I swear, this girl loves to fuck! She savors the cum, almost letting it drip out of her mouth, only to suck it back inside as she laughs. Then she waits for the second guy, who shoots a strong but more watery cum shot into her mouth. She swishes them both around, holding them in her mouth for quite awhile before swallowing. Bella is a fantastic babe and performer! Can't wait for her next appearance. This video is why I love PerfectGonzo videos! :D:D:D 10/10