Arya Stark

Added August 7, 2019

Here is an exclusive for you guys. Arya Stark very first anal scene is now out! She enjoyed that cock in the ass, like she was doing this in her whole life :) Enjoy!

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Arya Stark


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Please bring her over to Allinternal for a pussy creampie scene!!


Arya is a sex bomb. Perfection. Exuding loads of sexuality. What a great personality she has and a great performance as well, full of passionate energy. You can't ask anything else out of a performer. Looking into her eyes she's definite gf material. She did anal well if it really is her first time, and seems like she could become an anal queen:-). Unfortunately the weak cumshot and lack of a proper swallow kept this scene from being one of the best ones of the year. Still a real highlight on the site recently. 5/5!


I really don't know if this model known as Arya Stark can keep that name for a long time for obvious reasons, but she is very beautiful, cute and sexy. I'm very pleased that it was possible that this is the first scene doing anal sex. One of the skills I like to watch most of Arya is the way she gives bj, I can see that she also enjoys it very much. The long-awaited moment begins at the eighteenth minute and I don't know if there were complications because there is a cut and right away they are already in anal sex. I would have liked to see the initial moment in which the act begins. They do multiple sexual positions and Arya always was with a lot of energy in each pose. The cumshot was small but she always made a great performance. [-Ramon VM]


The ass-ass-in!


nice...she is so fucking cute! would love to see her a lot more