April & Ivana

Added August 29, 2013

April Blue & Ivana Sugar team up for an anal tour de force. Round asses, anal orgasms and gapes dominate. The conclusion is a dual cum swallow.

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April Blue, Ivana Sugar

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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Yes I do also agree that is a fantastic screencap :) :love:


Forgot to add my favourite screencap. Those pretty and shiny eyes, that beautiful soft looking skin, and of course, a nice, and big, curved dick.


Amazing scene!! Both girls are becautiful, they both have pretty eyes, and thankfully we got a POV to look directly into their eyes. I love the first double blowjob scene, both of the girls share and suck the cock slowly, always looking at the camera, it's an hypnotising scene, and what's a great double blowjob scene with two beautiful young girls with out a nice dick? Thankfully, the male performer was the perfect choice for this movie as the girls were. He has nice, tasty looking dick. A little bit curved to the left, with a big head that holds nicely the foreskin. The finale is amazing too, both girls open their mouths as they wait for some sperm. April gets two strong cumshots, then our guy aims to Ivana who gets the remaining amount of the ejaculation, both girls swallow the hot liquid. Beautiful young girls with big butts, and a big, sexy dick.


These two angels make an excellent team! I'm also glad that the camera man-director didn't talk during the scene, I was afraid that he was going to speak a lot. April Blue & Ivana Sugar have beautiful bodies and angelical faces. Their fleshy butts are very similar but Ivana's ass is slightly bigger than April's. They do a beautiful lesbo scenery, April liking Ivana's anus before teaming up for sucking cock. Both make a fantastic job while giving blowjob. They take their time and take turns for giving head. Or while one is sucking cock the other girl is licking the balls. Both have marvelous oral skills, they can do deep throats in a very clean way. During the sexual intercourse, they make a very good team as well. At the end, both girls receive a big blast of cum inside their mouths. The display of both girls with their mouth open full of cum with her tongues out is charming. 100/10 [-Ramon VM]


Please show more videos like this with your babes teasing and showing off in these great jean shorts... please show more jean shorts gonzo before the shorts come off, I want to see every girl pose and tease for 5+ minutes spreading those jean shorts asses in your camera


Ivana Sugar is super hot in this scene, April is hot, but less so than Ivana. Since Ivana takes all the anal, I feel that April is wasted in this scene, even if she does rim Ivana and do ass to mouth (not always enthusiastically). Their tease is quite good, as is April's rimming of Ivana. The double blow job is fantastic, and Ivana takes it straight in the ass in several positions. We do see one of my favorite positions, standing doggy anal, which I'd like to see more here. Good scene, but next time if you have a girl not doing anal, she should be the hotter of the girls! RDS


These two girls have beautiful eyes and it is amazing how they look to the camera while they perform a magnificent double blow job, POV style. The camera work is excellent and the final cumshot impressive.
Ivana gets fucked in the ass for half an hour, but April doesn't. It is a shame, both girls should get fucked in their asshole, like in classic Asstraffic movies. Overall, the scene is quite good and fun to watch but I miss a little more intensity or passion.



For me, there is very little than seeing two gorgeous women squatting on the floor, naked, mouth wide open ready for some white hot cum to swallow. Especially these two vixens; Ivana and April. As was mentioned by other members the action is top-notch, the angles are scrupulous to a fault (you will never see these shots when having sex yourself) AND the women make for a dream threesome.

My only reserve is to give these girls a bit more context. The outfits they wear are great! I prefer keeping them on for a bit of the action until the funk is so high it doesn't matter. Also, the make-up and such are so perfect, a few beads of sweat running down the girls cheek or back would be an added plus!

Love it!!! - Tripod


A great pairing (Ivana Sugar and April Blue) - two extremely cute girls, both with superb bodies and very very long legs. The only thing I am missing here is some sex action with April. Most unfortunately she just sucks but never gets fucked. Ivana on the other hands gets all her holes filled. The cumshot is an instant classic. These girls are into the white stuff. Please more of these in the future.
All in all: 10 out of 10 for the girls and 7 out of 10 for the scene - that makes an 8,5 out of 10 overall.
Oh, and please book April Blue for a scene with one or two dicks. PLEASE!!! (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


For just a little more planning this video could have been great. Don't get me wrong, it has a permanent spot on the hard drive, but it could have been one of the greatest hits for Ass Traffic. April Blue and Ivana Sugar are both very attractive and work well together. Those accents are intoxicating. Ivana, who has quite a bit of experience in adult videos, is fixed upon the camera lens, giving us great eye contact throughout the video. April, whom I assume is not as experienced, focuses more on the job at hand (no pun intended) than her blonde counterpart. Long sessions of April and Ivana sucking and licking cock are a definite plus for this vid. The fucking sessions (as in the sessions of fucking not the...nevermind) are hot and captured well by the camera. There is a good mix of POV, close ups, and (for lack of a better term) undercarriage shots. This vid was well on the way to two, possibly three thumbs up. The video ends and something in the back of my perverted mind told me we had missed something. Is it me or does April never get fucked? She does a great job playing second fiddle, which is probably why I didn't notice the first time. Oh, this could have been so so good, but now every time I see it I will wonder what could have been. Now excuse me while I watch it four or five more times. - Civlor


It is the first time I see April & Ivana together and I really liked what I watched. Those little shorts in both girls, showing their cheeks are so hot! It is sexy seeing April lick Ivana's anus. They both suck man's cock while the camera focus their big and beautiful eyes. It's great. After that Ivana gets anal all the scene, suspended some times for April anger of suck that cock. In the end, they both get jizz on her face and mouth.